Welcome back, Eugene Cyril Smith III.

Finally, Geno Smith got another chance to start the NFL franchise, this time filling in for the Seahawks for injured Russell Wilson. If his response to the rams is any indication, then hop aboard, because it’s going to be a fun ride.

The Seahawks lost their game to their division rival 26-17, but Smith played well, throwing a touchdown and revitalizing the “twelfth man” in Seattle.

Altogether, the West Virginia Pass had a less than successful career, but settled in well with the Seahawks after touring several seasons with the Giants and Chargers. Now, the veteran QB has a chance to turn the NFL world upside down if he can rework some of that mojo he had in Week 5 — and from earlier in his career.

Here’s everything you need to know about “The 7God’s” surprisingly long career in the NFL.

Jeno Smith career timeline

April 26, 2013: Genu Smith is the second quarterback outside the board in the 2013 NFL Draft, heading to the New York Jets with the 39th overall pick. The selection marks the end of the Marc Sanchez era, leading to a back-to-back AFC Championship appearance in 2009 and 2010 .

September 9, 2013: Smith starts his first career as Sanchez rehabs a shoulder injury he sustained during pre-season. Sanchez later underwent surgery and missed the entire 2013 season, ending his career with the Jets.

Initially, Smith throws a touchdown to Kellen Winslow and an interception, and Nick Folk’s kick as the time runs out gives the Jets the victory – Smith’s first career win. It also gave the NFL world this special moment, now in Gif form:

October 20, 2013: GGG-Geno and the Jets do the unthinkable: rookie QB leads the Jets to beat the Patriots in overtime, only joining Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy and Ben Roethlisberger as the rookie QBs to beat Bill Belichick. It’s been just over a week until Halloween. Scary things happen.

October 5, 2014: Geno’s up-and-down results with the Jets are largely the result of their mediocre support crew and lame-duck trainer, but the Jets hit a low point in the era, being blown away by the 31-0 Chargers.

The latest twist on the GNU drama: Before the match, Smith missed a team meeting thanks to the change in time zones, which confused the quarterback. Talk about mismanagement of the clock.

August 11, 2015: After two middle seasons as a start, the beginning of the end of the Geno-Jets era kicks in with a punch: defensive back IK Enemkpali punched Smith’s box in the jaw, breaking it, sidelining Smith for 6-10 weeks. Instead, Ryan Fitzpatrick starts and goes on to have the most prolific season in Jets history.

The altercation is believed to have occurred over a $600 plane ticket, Enemkpali felt Smith owed him money to attend soccer camp. Smith did not attend due to the death of a close personal friend.

October 23, 2016: In his last appearance with the Jets, Smith was named a rookie after a poor performance by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets will overtake the Ravens 24-16 in their Week 7 appearance, thanks in part to Smith’s touchdown pass.

Unfortunately for Smith, he was to leave the match after sustaining a knee injury, which turned into a ruptured ACL. He would miss the remainder of the season, abruptly ending his mercurial stint in the Jets.

March 28, 2017: Smith isn’t done taking bites out of the Big Apple just yet, moving crosstown to the Giants, logging in with the Big Blue to fill their QB room. Contending with third-round pick Davis Webb for picks, he was eventually named QB2 behind Eli Manning.

December 12, 2017: Amid the organizational drama surrounding struggling Eli Manning, coach Ben McAdoo named Smith as the starter of Week 13 against the Invaders. Smith starts picking up Manning’s 210 series matches as a start.

The start is historic, in a way: With Smith taking the call as QB1, the Giants are the last NFL team left to start the black quarterback.

Smith finished the game with 212 yards and a touchdown, but the Giants fell to the Raiders 24-17. He had two feelings in the first half that wiped out the giants. It will be his last appearance with New York, The Team and The City.

April 1, 2018: Go west, young man: Smith abandons the East Coast and heads west, and signs a contract with the Chargers to support Philip Rivers. He will appear in five matches with the Chargers as a relief during the season.

May 15, 2019: Smith signs with the Seahawks, and gets a backup job to Russell Wilson. It’s a one-year deal. He will sign with the Seahawks again in 2020, and again in 2021.

December 13, 2020: Long-awaited Gino Smith’s revenge game: After not appearing in a game for over a year, Smith captures Wilson-inspired footage. The Seahawks outperform Adam Gase Jets 40-3, with Smith completing 4 of 5 passes for 33 yards in victory.

October 10, 2021: Smith gets another chance with the Seahawks, this time, for longer than just a series. With Wilson out of the match with a finger injury, Smith amplifies the attack, throwing a touchdown against the Rams’ vaunted defense. He also throws an INT by the end of the game, but his receiver falls in his way. The complete Geno Smith experience.

October 17, 2021: For the first time in four years, Smith got a chance to start the NFL franchise, facing the Steelers at “Sunday Night Football.” What a good time to be alive.

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