The Giants scored first against the Rams and went 3-0 up after the first quarter of Week 6. But things totally fell apart for the Giants after that. The Rams scored the next 38 points of the game, including 28 in the second quarter, and turned their trip to New York into laughter.

Daniel Jones played every attacking strike for the Giants on Sunday afternoon despite his blast and poor performance. Jones completed 29 of 51 pass attempts for 242 yards, but struggled hard with turnovers in the loss. He threw three objections and lost his confusion; These errors allowed the Rams to collect 21 transformation points.

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Why didn’t the Giants back Mike Glennon have some late cast with hard to get into the game? Coach Joe Judge had a little explanation of his decision after the game.

“We’ll be competing for 60 minutes,” The judge said Reporters when asked why Jones stayed in the game despite a 35-point deficit.

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There is no such thing as the good old training cliché after a loss. Jones may very well be the best quarterback on the Giants list, but he never played like that against the Rams. The judge and coaching staff for the Giants may only have wanted Jones to play a full game after he missed the second half of last week’s game after landing a concussion protocol in the NFL.

Of course, Jones didn’t help because they lacked reception talent. Kenny Goladay (knee) and Darius Slayton (hamstring) were both knocked out in this match while Kadarius Tony and CJboard were knocked out with injuries.

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However, this was not an encouraging performance by either Jones or the Giants, although the judge did not allow the Giants’ 38-11 loss to frustrate him.

“There is a lot of ball left to play.” The judge said From 1-5 giants.

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