Five penalty kicks from Ross Thompson’s boot and a late attempt from Johnny Matthews saw the Warriors win over Chiefs; Sam Simmonds’ recently turned attempt was the only response Exeter could muster

Last update: 12/18/21 8:24 PM

Ross Thompson kicked five penalties for Glasgow in the win over Exeter

Ross Thompson kicked five penalties for Glasgow in the win over Exeter

The Glasgow Warriors revived their Heineken Cup campaign for champions and dealt a serious – but not fatal – blow to Exeter’s quarter-final ambitions with a deserved 22-7 victory on a misty night in Scottston.

Visibility was very poor and there was a real danger that the match could not continue with just an hour before kick-off.

The hosts adapted better to the conditions and after a few minutes of pressure took a 3-0 lead through a penalty kick, Ross Thompson offside just in front of the beams.

While the Warriors coaching team was encouraged by their playing style throughout the first quarter, they were also keen on all the possession and territory that didn’t translate into a more dominant advantage on the scoreboard.

With just over half an hour of play, Exeter had their first run up front, and it took some excellent defensive work from the hosts to keep the trying streak unbroken, before Xander Fagerson won a penalty that allowed Thompson to remove the threat. .

Johnny Gray was penalized for pulling him down at the next line, and Thompson kicked to touch again, before George Turner blasted off the blow, and it took a brilliant intervention from Tom O’Flaherty to stop the raging bitch short inches of the try-line.

Jack Dempsey looks for a way through Exeter defense

Jack Dempsey looks for a way through Exeter defense

A previous penalty kick was replayed, giving the Warriors another opportunity to extend their lead into the final play of the first half, but they lost control of possession at the finish line.

The Warriors started the second half after they had finished the first, and Sion Tuipoloto did well on three occasions before a side-entry penalty gave Thompson a chance to slip past the hosts in their lead – but his effort bounced off the left post.

However, facing the Warriors didn’t let that shake his focus and when Exeter missed another penalty two minutes later to go off his feet, he fired the three points into the net.

Sam Simmonds offered to try Exeter late

Sam Simmonds offered to try Exeter late

He was on target again to make it 9-0 after the Exeter scrum collapsed after the 50-minute mark, then made it 12-0 when the visitors coughed up another penalty an hour ago.

Sam Symonds finally pulled the visitors off the mark with nine minutes left when he blasted off after a long press, with his brother Joe kicking off the conversion, but the Warriors kept his composure and Thompson fired in a successful fifth penalty that night to soften the score. The side of the house over to try to turn it forward.

A last-minute Johnny Matthews attempt, turned around by Duncan Weir, took the win.

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