The Patriots appeared to have the upper hand in tilting the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon after Greg Zorlin missed a field goal from 51 yards. The kick went wide to the left with 2:42 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Patriots won 21-20.

The Cowboys had all three timeouts and a two-minute warning to work with, but New Englanders ran the ball well with Damien Harris. They just needed to get one first, and they’d be able to put the Cowboys on a hard time crunch or, potentially, turn the clock on.

However, the Cowboys managed to fall twice in the last three minutes of the game to force overtime. From there, they came out with a 35-29 win on the road thanks to two big games of their defense and countless powerful throws from Dak Prescott and attacking.

Here’s a look at the momentum-changing big plays that happened late in the Cowboys’ win over the Patriots.

Patriots vs. COWBOYS: Key points, analysis from the Dallas win

Travon Diggs keeps the interception streak, Cowboys survive with a pick of six

Diggs started in the fourth quarter frenzy. Damian Harris ran unprofitable on his first descent before a penalty delay back up the Patriots five yards. Then the Patriots decided to pass the second and fifteenth places and the results were disastrous.

McJones threw a slash pass that hit Kendrick Bourne in his hands and bounced right between Tryvon Diggs’ arms. This was the Diggs’ sixth straight game with an interception to start the year and seventh overall.

Since Diggs had jumped the diagonal lane, he had a clear lane of the left lateral line. He followed this to the end zone of the landing.

That gave the Cowboys a 26-21 lead. They failed to convert the two-point conversion but made sure the Patriots would need a touchdown in the final 2:21 to beat the Cowboys.

Mac Jones returns with a 75-yard TD to Kendrick Bourne

It took the Patriots every 10 seconds to respond to Diggs’ big play. Jones and the New England offense entered the field and set up a pass, back to Bourne.

Jones had a clean pocket and was able to find Bourne between two defenders. He dropped the ball perfectly and after safety swept Bourne, the receiver was able to trot into the end zone.

The Patriots’ two-point conversion was a success and put the team ahead 29-26. However, the team left 2:11 on the clock for the Cowboys to work, and Dallas had three timeouts and a two-minute warning to play with.

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Cedric Wilson’s side catch

The Cowboys started driving slowly and encountered 4th and 4th in their territory. Failure to convert meant the Dallas would have put the Cowboys in a tight spot, essentially needing three and options to secure a shot to win the game.

Prescott and Cedric Wilson made sure that wouldn’t happen. Prescott managed to find Wilson with his collapsed pocket and set the ball high enough that only his receiver could get it. Wilson did acrobatic control and kept the cowboy campaign alive.

Dak Prescott completes a 24-yard pass to CeeDee Lamb

The Cowboys were able to score the ball on the field and work it into the goal range. However, they knocked him out with a penalty that came at unsportsmanlike timing. As a result, they had third place and 25 of their 45 team with 31 seconds left.

Dallas needed plenty of yards to get a shot into a game-related field goal or to better position the team in a decisive effort in fourth place. Prescott had nearly three seconds in the pocket and was able to see CeeDee Lamb breaking in front of Jalen Mills near the first mark down. Prescott shot him and Lamb lifted him slightly to hunt.

A better throw might have allowed Lamb to take the first hit, but it was enough to put the team within range of the goal.

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He made Greg Zohrlin’s 49-yard goal

Mike McCarthy called the timeout 24 seconds to go to put Greg Zorlin on a 49-yard field goal. Zurlin had missed the age of 51 shortly before, but was honest in his attempt. It wasn’t halfway but it didn’t look like he was in danger of getting lost.

Zorlin’s previous mistake was on the left, so maybe he’s making up for it. Make it from 29-29 with 20 seconds on the clock. The Patriots ran the ball once on their ensuing possession and let the game move into overtime.

The referees are missing a clear face mask on the cowboys

The Patriots did indeed get the ball first in overtime, but their drive was halted in the third and third when Jones failed to connect with Nelson Agulor on a wide pass.

However, a closer look revealed that Agulor was the victim of a face mask that the rulers had missed. The penalty kick went unprovoked and the Patriots attacked the ball to the Cowboys.

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Dak Prescott finds a CeeDee Lamb for the 35-yard winner

After the Cowboys got the ball, they continued to easily move the ball down the field against the Patriots. They didn’t even have to accept a field goal attempt to win it.

Dallas performed a pass play in the 1st and 10th positions which saw Prescott exit to the right while sliding the offensive line and back to the left. Prescott held the ball for a few seconds before Lamb broke open across the field.

Lamb was two steps ahead of Mills and no one else came back to help him. The rest of the Patriots had either been caught in running support or were covering Prescott’s bottom goals.

That gave the Cowboys a 35-29 win, the fifth in a row. The local Patriots fans were certainly disappointed with the result, as both teams had chances to win in the final minutes of regulation and overtime, as you can see from the next generation stats odds chart from the competition.

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