The Sea of ​​Thieves hosts several types of fish, including various Islehopper variants.

Islehoppers require no bait to be caught in the Sea of ​​Thieves. This makes them easier to disable, but overall, it’s hard to catch each type separately. This is due to the vastness of the world of Sea of ​​Thieves.

They are not as specific to the region as other types of fish. Islehoppers can only be found in certain areas of the larger islands. This means that you need to travel to at least four different islands if you want to catch every Islehopper in the Sea of ​​Thieves.

Where to find every Islehopper in the Sea of ​​Thieves

1) Islehopper stone

Stone Islehopper.  (Image via 'Nader')
Stone Islehopper. (Image via ‘Nader’)

Islehopper stone is difficult to spot due to its dark gray color. It is best to fish for them during the day in the Sea of ​​Thieves. It is a fairly common fish and can be found at the following locations and coordinates:

  • sailor’s bounty: C-4
  • Canon Cove: G-10
  • Shark House cove: H-19
  • Shipwreck Bay: M -10
  • Croc Hollow: M -16
  • Bringer’s Comfort: V-12

2) Mos Eiselhuber

Moss Islehopper.  (Image via 'Nader')
Moss Islehopper. (Image via ‘Nader’)

It is much easier to spot the green and yellow Moss Islehopper than its aforementioned counterpart. If you’re looking to buy one and sell them quickly, Wanderers Refuge is your best bet, as it’s right next door to the Northstar Seaport.

Here are all the locations and coordinates for the Islehopper:

  • hikers Refuge: F-12
  • Single cove: H-6
  • thieves’ Haven: L-20
  • Thieves’ Arch: Q-3
  • ashen up: V-23
  • ruby fall: p-16

3) Honey Islehopper

Honey Islehopper.  (Image via 'Nader')
Honey Islehopper. (Image via ‘Nader’)

Similar to the Sunny Splashtail, the Honey Islehopper can be a tough fish to fish in the Sea of ​​Thieves. The Islehopper distinguishes itself from its cousins ​​with bulging black eyes. Pick up one at the following coordinates:

  • Crescent Island: B-9
  • Discovery Ride: E-17
  • plunder valley: G16
  • The Sunken Grove: P-7
  • Kraken fall: R-12
  • Satan’s thirst: W-21

4) Raven Islehopper

Raven Islehopper.  (Image via 'Nader')
Raven Islehopper. (Image via ‘Nader’)

The Raven Islehopper is one of the rarest fish in the Sea of ​​Thieves. It’s hard to find one in the first place, but its darker color further complicates searching for it at night.

Your best bet is to locate the Raven Islehopper on the Big Islands where you will also find the Amethyst Islehopper. Since the latter is only available during the night, this means that the only Islehopper in that area is Raven.

5) Amethyst Islehopper

Amethyst Islehopper.  (Image via 'Nader')
Amethyst Islehopper. (Image via ‘Nader’)

As mentioned, the Amethyst Islehopper can only be found at night in the Sea of ​​Thieves. It glows bright purple and is easy to see. The only setback is waiting for another nocturnal cycle to occur.

If you’d like to get an Amethyst Islehopper and Raven Islehopper, look into the following areas:

  • mermaid lair: B-13
  • getaway bay: F-3
  • Snake Island: K-16
  • Old Faithful Island: K-16
  • Twisted masts: Q-11
  • Devil’s Ridge: P-19
  • Flintlock Peninsula: W-14

Catching these Islehoppers is easier said than done. However, with the above coordinates and locations, players have a fairly simple task at hand.

Edited by Sego Samuel Ball

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