NHL 22 is the latest installment in the annual franchise, and although the game is new, some mechanics such as goalkeeper recalls remain. The play is risky, but in the right hands it can equal the odds when you don’t play the game well.

For those new to the franchise, or unaware of the mechanics, pulling a goalkeeper means taking the goalkeeper out of the net on the player’s own team. It has no effect on the other team’s goalkeeper, and instead gives one the option to bring a new player onto the ice.

While it offers a somewhat offensive advantage, one needs to be careful when using inputs in NHL 22.

What inputs allow players to drag a goalkeeper in NHL 22?

When NHL 22 players feel the need to pull a goalkeeper from the net, they can hit a simple entry and it can be done quickly. The input is the same combination on both consoles, but as always, the names are different.

On the NHL 22 Xbox, the input for pulling the goalkeeper is the LB and the display button. This applies to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. For PlayStation 4 and 5, the input is L1 and the share button.

Again, the names are separate but the control systems are essentially the same regardless of the system or control unit used. The same inputs can be used to bring the goalkeeper back into the net.

Players can drag the goalkeeper to gain an advantage (Image via Electronic Arts)
Players can drag the goalkeeper to gain an advantage (Image via Electronic Arts)

Before players decide to take a goalkeeper out of the net, the timing has to be very precise. Even if they wanted an extra body on the ice, the input shouldn’t be used randomly.

One of the worst times to pull off a goalkeeper is when a player’s team is on defense. In these cases, the network will be empty, making it easier to enter the registration for the other team.

When the roles are reversed, and the player’s team is on the offensive instead, they can definitely pull the goalkeeper for an extra position on the ice. The best time to hit the entry is once you change possession of the disc so there isn’t much risk of losing points.

Regardless, pulling a goalkeeper is high risk but offers high reward in NHL 22.

Edited by Sego Samuel Ball

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