Elyon is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by KRAFTON which was launched for players from NA and EU on October 20, 2021.

Like many MMORPGs, Elyon allows players to customize their characters, complete quests, fight enemies, and take part in some of life’s regular quests.

In Elyon, hunting is an important skill to use. Hunting can help you collect gold, create valuable resources, and simply pass the time. To fish in Elyon, you need to find a fishing rod and a body of water. It’s very simple.

Eleon: A guide on how to fish

Players fishing in Eleon (Image via Crafton)
Players fishing in Eleon (Image via Crafton)

Put your hands on a fishing rod in Elyon MMORPG. You can do this simply by purchasing it from the fishing spot manager or by making one at home using the weapon’s production schedule.

There are several different Elyon fishing rods, and they all have different effects:

  • shabby fishing rod: without effect
  • sea ​​wing fishing rod: Reduces waiting time
  • Rock Waterfall Fishing Rod: Reduces the time of automatic hunting
  • Fishing rod from Heavenly Island: Increased durability
  • sea ​​wind fishing rod: Gives more chance to get pearl while hunting
  • windy fishing rod: Reduces the difficulty of the fishing mini-game

After acquiring any of the above mentioned Elyon fishing rods, you need to find a dedicated fishing spot. They are marked by a fish icon on the game map. You can fish in any body of water, but fishing sites will have better catches.

If you find a place to cast the line, press the F key on your keyboard with the default keybinding settings. This will send fishing line into the water to try to catch a fish.

When something is attached, you will be notified by the movement of your penis. It will start flicking. At this point, you need to press the spacebar as fast as you can roll.

The faster you are, the higher the chance of successful fishing in Elyon. If you get something good, you can sell it in a gold shop or cannibalize it to get important resources.

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