There are not too many requirements for GTA Online players to get new weapons in the last update (decade).

Three new weapons from GTA Online are Heavy Rifle, Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher. The Heavy Rifle is a well-balanced assault rifle without gimmicks. In comparison, the Stun Gun and the Compact EMP Launcher are designed as useful weapons with specific ports.

Essentially, the heavy rifle is available for purchase at any Ammu-Nation for $450,000 with no requirements. The other gun requires the player to buy an agency and get the Armory upgrade in GTA Online.

How to get new weapons from contract update in GTA Online

To purchase the heavy gun, go to any weapon ammo. Once the player gets there, they can buy it as if it were any other generic weapon. There are no rating requirements to purchase them, the only barrier to entry is Huge $450,000 default price. Different players have varying amounts of the discount, which means that players will typically spend less than $450,000 to get the heavy gun.

The next two weapons have slightly more demanding requirements to unlock, as the player basically has to spend more money on a property to access it.

Unlock Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher in GTA Online

There are four agencies a player can buy, the cheapest of which is the one in Little Seoul $2,010,000. GTA Online players can purchase any agency from Dynasty 8 Executive.

However, the player must make sure to purchase the Armory option before purchasing the agency in GTA Online. Armory costs an apartment 720 thousand dollars, with the rest of the other customization options unrelated to buying the last two decade guns.

Player buying a Stun Gun (Image via Rockstar Games)
Player buying a Stun Gun (Image via Rockstar Games)

Once the player gets the dealership he wants with the Armory upgrade, he must go to the said Armory to buy Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher. This seller is upstairs on the top floor of the dealership, the seller is casually sitting and putting his feet on the table. Go through the glass door and press the appropriate interaction button to talk to him.

The two contract weapons are:

  • Pistol -> stun gun
  • Heavy Weapons -> Integrated EMP Launcher

stun gun costs $375,000 In GTA Online; In comparison, compressed EMP player costs $397,500. Do note that discounts affect the final price of these GTA Online guns.

Take the above YouTube video about contract weapons as an example. Given the 5% discount the YouTuber enjoys, he only pays $356,250 and $377,625 for the Stun Gun and Compact EMP Launcher, respectively.

What do the new guns from the contract update?

Latest Weapon of the Decade (Image via Rockstar Games)
Latest Weapon of the Decade (Image via Rockstar Games)

New players should understand that Heavy Rifle is an assault rifle with well-balanced stats. It has a good rate of fire and low vertical recoil, but the range with which players can hit the head is less than most other assault rifles. Thus, it is ideal for close-to-midrange combat.

Contract’s version of Stun Gun is a nerfed version of the GTA 5 variant. For example, it has a much longer recharge period in GTA Online compared to GTA 5 (12 seconds vs. three seconds). However, he can still stun a player for close to five seconds if you hit him.

The latest new rifle from Contract DLC is the Compact EMP Launcher. While Stun Gun stuns players, Compact EMP Launcher is meant to disable vehicles. It shuts off its engine for about five seconds, but keep in mind that it won’t stop most armed vehicles from shooting at the player.

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