There is a secret ending to the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game that may have players getting the credits much sooner than expected.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the Square Enix project that surprised everyone at this year’s E3 show. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is developed by Eidos-Montreal, known for their work on the Deus Ex franchise, an action-adventure game featuring the Marvel superhero team.

One big feature of the title is the large number of decisions that greatly affect how the story goes.

Deceptive visions, open an alternate ending in Guardians of the Galaxy

There will be massive Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers here, so for those of you who haven’t finished the main story, it’s time to stop reading.

In Chapter Eight, titled The Matriarch, Guardians of the Galaxy players are treated to a crazy scene.

It appears that Rucker has manipulated Nicky into adopting the Universal Truth Church. She has become a mother, and believes she has the power to bring back life to her deceased loved ones.

When I met the Guardians of the Galaxy, I explained all this to Peter, who had lost his mother before becoming a Star Lord. Nikki tries to subdue Peter by giving him a glimpse of what would happen if he could go back in time and prevent his mother’s death.

The player is then taken to another scene where they can fight the alien horde that attacked Meredith Quill. After that, Peter’s mother hugs him tightly, which lasts for a very long time and makes him suspicious.

At this point, the player has the option to escape from Meredith’s arms. To unlock the secret ending, though, they’ll need to avoid this and select the “Accept Promise” option. This will show an alternate ending to the game in which Peter lives his life with the other guardians in Meredith’s house.

Once this cut-scene ends, players will be immediately returned to the title screen. From there, they can click Continue and go back to the mashing decision of Meredith’s hug. Players can continue along the main course of the game afterwards.

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