The real difficulty in using a Free Fire recovery code is finding an active code for a specific server. While these are much easier to recover when compared to events in terms of efforts, server limitations and limited validity are often considered big bottlenecks.

Fortunately for gamers, Garena releases these tokens from time to time, and they can keep an eye out for great rewards during special events and live broadcasts, especially when milestones are accomplished. Since rewards can include almost any in-game item, unspent Free Fire players can easily count on them.

Includes Working Free Fire redemption codes for December 18, 2021, Season of Love Surfboard and more

Bonus first redeem code (Image via Free Fire)
Bonus first redeem code (Image via Free Fire)
  • FF11NJN5YS3E – Season of Love Surfboard and Mob Boss Loot Crate
  • FF11R1E9PX56 – Bloody Vase (Mask) & AI Weapon Loot Chest
  • FF11DAKX4WHV – Heartthrob (Male) (Head) & M60 – Gold Plated Weapon Loot Chest

Note: All these codes are for players on the Indonesia server. For more redemption codes, click this link.

Steps to get rewards

Step 1: Players should know that the redemption code is supposed to be redeemed through the official reward redemption site. a Link For the same provided to users.

Not all those who still use the guest account can redeem rewards. The same is communicated in the notice on the official web page. They can open Settings inside Free Fire to link their account first.

Available options (Image via Free Fire)
Available options (Image via Free Fire)

Step 2: They are provided with various login options after they reach the main page. These are as follows: Facebook, Google, Twitter, VK, Apple ID, Huawei ID.

To reduce typing errors, it is better for Free Fire users to paste the recovery code into the text field instead of entering it manually.

Step 3: Players can paste one code at a time and finally click on the confirm button to complete the redemption successfully.

They will also be notified if the code has been redeemed or not.

The fourth step: Players will not get rewards automatically. Instead, they will have to collect it via the in-game mail section.

Errors will be displayed when the code players have already entered has expired. Moreover, another common reason to encounter the error is the code that belongs to another region.

Tired of scrolling through invalid Free Fire redemption codes? Check out the latest action codes here!

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