Baker Mayfield is set to return from injury on Sunday against the Steelers.

Mayfield obtained medical clearance Tuesday night, According to Ian Rapoport. The Browns quarterback has reportedly regained strength and has a full range of motion in his shoulder prior to the medical decision.

After training on Friday, coach Kevin Stefansky confirmed That Mayfield will start in the Week 8 game of the Browns.

The 26-year-old quarterback dislocated his shoulder during the Browns’ 31-21 win over Texas in Week 2. After he awkwardly fell on his shoulder during the 37-14 loss to the Cardinal, Mayfield’s injury was identified as a labrum tear and broken shoulder. Despite his intention to start at week seven, he was unable to obtain medical clearance.

Mayfield had limited training in the week eight game. He took part in rehearsals throughout the week and debuted the shoulder pads on Wednesday. He was also provided with a strap to prevent his shoulder from slipping out.

Keenum’s backup case for Brown led the Browns to a 17-14 victory against the Broncos in Week 7 and ended Mayfield’s streak of 53 straight starts.

Although still on track to recover with his shoulder, Mayfield will lead the Browns against the Steelers at First Energy Stadium on Sunday. He completed 116 passes for 1,474 yards with six touchdowns over five starts. Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Jimmy Winston have tied three interceptions this season.

Mayfield has a passing rating of 80.4 with 884 yards, seven touchdowns and four interceptions over the five times he’s faced the Steelers in his career, according to Statmuse. While Odell Beckham Jr. Currently listed as suspect with a shoulder injury, he will likely take the fight and start from a wide receiver.

Running back Nick Chubb is making his comeback from a calf injury and is expected to be one of the restful options for Mayfield. D’Ernest Johnson, who rushed for 146 yards and earned a touchdown in front of the Broncos last week, is also expected to dominate the Browns’ running game.

The Browns are scheduled to host the Steelers from FirstEnergy Stadium on Halloween at 1 p.m. ET.

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