The Ivy League released a statement acknowledging the official error that directly affected Princeton’s victory over Harvard by five extra hours on Saturday.

The issue in question came in the third overtime period, in which under the new college football overtime rules, delegation teams begin trying to convert two points. Harvard completed a successful attempt, but the replay booth paused to review whether Princeton had requested a timeout in advance. They decided that the Tigers had canceled the play and forced another failed attempt.

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Here’s the problem: Only administrators in the field can review whether the timeout has been called, and only before the play is complete. Timeouts are also non-reviewable. This meant that the play had to stand as required on the field, which led to Harvard’s victory. Instead, Princeton moved forward for good in fifth overtime, winning 18-16.

“The timeout should not have been granted, and the play should have resulted in a successful two-point conversion,” the Ivy League admitted.

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Cold Comfort Harvard University. The Ivy League said the result would remain unchanged, adding that the league’s office “will address the error with officials.”

The referees’ failed appeal is horrible enough, but made even worse considering that the two teams entered the rivalry match undefeated 5-0. The win gives the Tigers a step up over Crimson in the Ivy League standings.

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This isn’t the first time officials have been an unfortunate part of the story during college football games this season. Officials (correctly) awarded Oklahoma the ball in a close game against Kansas State after the Wildcats illegally touched the ball twice in a side kick. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in particular has had a tough season, with calls directly affecting results in Auburn-Georgia and Mississippi-Memphis. They also forced Penn State to win early against Auburn, though the Nittany Lions eventually won.

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