The Jaguars sacked former coach Urban Meyer for a reason early Thursday, according to a report from ESPN This means that the organization intends to withhold the remainder of his five-year contract, which is estimated to be worth between $10 million and $12 million annually.

According to sources close to the situation, Jacksonville did not fire Mayer for any one incident (he was shot shortly after former All Pro player Josh Lambeau allegedly kicked him during warm-ups). Instead, it was the culmination of many problems that occurred on and off the field, including before the start of the season.

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A spokesman for Jaguar owner Shad Khan told News agency On Friday, the decision to fire Mayer was made after the Jaguar lost 20-0 to the Titans on Sunday. According to the AP, Khan had a post-match meeting with Mayer in the changing room where the coach had few answers on how to fix the team’s problems.

Having said that, Khan wanted to wait until meetings later in the week to announce Mayer’s firing.

“I have resolved to wait until the completion of previously scheduled dates that week to make the announcement,” spokesman Jim Woodcock told The Associated Press. “Those appointments included a staff lunch and a meeting with the media in Jacksonville, both to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shad’s purchase of Jaguar, on Monday as well as NFL meetings in Dallas on December 14 and 15.”

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Mayer’s release ends a disastrous and embarrassing Jaguar experience, one that not only saw Mayer fail on the field (the Jaguar went 2-11 under him) but also suffered from embarrassing controversy off the field.

That started before the season even started when Mayer hired former Iowa State strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle, who was abandoned at Iowa State after facing allegations of racist and abusive behavior. Doyle officially “quit” just days after he was announced as part of Mayer’s staff. Other issues include the Tim Tebow saga with its tight end; Off-season workout violations. Video showing him dancing with a woman in an Ohio bar; the allegations he described as losing ground in his coaching apparatus; And the allegations of kicking Lambo.

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That doesn’t even include trick decisions on the pitch, which include the failed development of overall #1 pick Trevor Lawrence, James Robinson benches due to a missed stutter and a rookie safety fault claim, Andre Sisko played in a game where he played zero defensive shots.

Jaguar’s offensive coordinator Daryl Bevel will serve as interim coach following Mayer’s sacking.

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