Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was shocked that VAR failed to intervene at the end of the first half as Bukayo Saka was kicked on the back of his calf by James MacArthur.

Palace received the equalizer in the last moments in an exciting 2-2 draw at the Emirates soil. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put Arsenal ahead early on, but since then Palace have been the better, with Christian Benteke and Odson-Edouard scoring in the second half to seemingly win the match – only to equalize substitute Alexandre Lacazette.

Palace midfielder MacArthur was booked by referee Mike Dean, but Saka was substituted at the break and Arteta was unhappy with MacArthur staying on the field.

MacArthur was lucky to avoid red in a tough challenge

“If we want to discover things that are really relevant in a game and can change a football match, then we have to look at it,” he said.

“This situation not only affects them, but we have to take the player out because of the action, so it affects him in two different ways. It is not true.

“You are [need to] Make an honest decision, when it’s so obvious and so obvious right away they have to play with 10 guys.

James McArthur received yellow for a foul on Bukayo Saka

“Bucayo couldn’t keep going, we had to take him off at half-time, I watched the action and can’t believe how the player continued on the field.

“I don’t get it. With what we explained at the start of the season and what happened tonight, it makes no sense.”

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Mikel Arteta says his team started well but became very passive and allowed Crystal Palace to return to the match

Carragher: McArthur’s criticism is strange

Speaking after Arteta’s comments on Monday Night FootballJamie Carragher said: “We are all very excited about the VAR region this season [compared with] The last two seasons, and it seems like it took a lot for them to say it was a clear and obvious mistake.

“I think Jurgen Klopp mentioned this a few weeks ago: What’s the obvious and the obvious? That’s different for a lot of different people – [this incident] It is just plain wrong. That’s clear.

“even if [VAR] I feel like it’s a red card, and we do it, as did Mikel Arteta, and I don’t think Palace will complain too much – it’s just a foul to be rescinded.

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Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville analyze the James MacArthur challenge at Bukayo Saka. They both think the Palace midfielder was lucky not to get a red card

“It just looks like a gray area. When you look at it, he just swiped it right on him and it just totally knocked him out of the game.

MacArthur has faced some challenges before [the Saka foul] Which would have been yellow, but that’s pretty weird when you look at it.

“When no one sees the player, they will shoot the ball, then [other] The player comes out of nowhere, you can say, “I understand what he did there” – but that’s actually right in front of him.

“If Saka comes from behind, you’ll say, ‘Yes, it’s a painful challenge,’ but there’s no way [McArthur] Saka can’t be seen trying to shoot it.

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Watch: Highlights from Arsenal’s draw with Crystal Palace in the Premier League

“Now the referee just whistled, I think it was due to a handball in the penalty area. I don’t know if [McArthur] He thinks, “The whistle is gone, I can get away with this whistle” – and he got away. there is no doubt.

“I don’t think Crystal Palace or MacArthur could have any concerns if that was given as a red card because it’s on his eye line.

“If you see it at full speed, because things always look worse in slow motion, you will see the handball, the referee whistling, and [it appears he thinks he can have] Free kick, but it’s not great.”

Vieira: Late drawing ‘hurts’

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Patrick Vieira was full of praise for the way his side played against Arsenal and felt Crystal Palace should have won the match, but admitted they had to learn from the setback.

Patrick Vieira has admitted it was painful to see his Palace side concede the last-gasp equalizer that cost him a win on his return to Arsenal.

The Frenchman won three Premier League titles and guided Arsenal through an undefeated ‘Invincibles’ campaign around the Emirates Stadium before and after a thrilling 2-2 draw.

Vieira had pumped the air in celebration of Palace’s two goals but left him dented with his kicks as Lacazette sped away in glee at the late equaliser.

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Conor Gallagher admits Crystal Palace players are devastated after they conceded a late equalizer against Arsenal

“I was really pleased with the attitude we showed today on the pitch,” he said. “It was tough in the first 15 minutes but after that we were able to dominate and control the game really well.

“That is why the draw is so painful – because of the performance we gave today. I am really disappointed for my players because they played so well and showed a lot of character and character.

“I think looking at the way the match went and coming back in the second half and scoring two goals, the way we conceded the second goal, I think we lost two points and we are disappointed not to leave the field with a win.”

What then?

Arsenal host Aston Villa today Friday Night Football 8 pm – live broadcast Sky Sports – Before Crystal Palace hosts Newcastle in the Premier League on Saturday at three in the afternoon.

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