Josh Taylor’s undisputed world titles will be targeted by the winner of Jose Zepeda’s fiery showdown with rival Jose Vargas this weekend, live on Sky Sports.

Zepeda defends his WBC Silver title against Vargas in New York, with live coverage from 2 a.m. Sunday, and the winner will take a step closer to challenging Taylor.

The undisputed champion of Scotland has rescheduled his WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO title defense against Jack Caterall to February 26 after sustaining a knee injury in training.

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Look back at Josh Taylor’s world title win over Ivan Baranchik.

Taylor consolidated all belts after winning dominant points over Jose Ramirez, who had previously been dismayed in a majority win over Zepeda.

The Californian exchanged hot words with Vargas when he promised to showcase his superior class at Madison Square Garden Theatre.

“I have a lot of experience with fighters ranked number one and two in the world,” Zepeda said at the last press conference.

“Wherever he takes it, I will take it. I have already proven that I can go as hard as I can.

“He’s a young fighter. He still needs a lot of experience. He doesn’t know it. Maybe his team doesn’t know that yet, but on Saturday they will see that boxing is not a game.”

Jose Vargas and Jose Zepeda
Lightweight competitors target Taylor’s world titles

But Vargas, who has only one disqualification defeat on his record, is quite confident that he will make his claim for the WBC title.

“I respect Zepeda for taking the fight, because he didn’t have to,” Vargas said.

“It has been arranged [No. 1] From WBC, so I give him props because my fight is a completely different ball game.

“The only fighter is [fought] With a kind of good style [Jose] Pedraza. This was him.

“He’s never faced anyone like me who’s so young. I’m 23 and I have the energy, but not only that, he’s got great movement.”

Watch the Jose Zepeda vs Jose Vargas match on Sky Sports from 2am on Sunday.

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