Jonathan “Jschlatt” Schlatt recently made his much-anticipated return to Twitch streaming after a long two-year stint.

El Laftry announced his return to broadcasting yesterday in a YouTube video titled “I’m leaving YouTube.” On Friday, he fulfilled the promise he made in the video.

However, in true Jschlatt fashion, the popular content creator is no longer empty-handed, arriving with a wave of bans throughout the ages.

Jschlatt offers a bot to block any Minecraft stan on chat

Jschlatt is back on Twitch with great fanfare as fans missed the American streaming device on their screens. While he’s posting a few clips on his YouTube channel every now and then, a full broadcast hasn’t been on the cards for long.

Since the beginning of the year, consider returning. However, the end seemed to be near when he talked about retirement a few months ago.

Fortunately, he changed his mind and decided to broadcast every Friday night. However, it seems that not everyone can get a glimpse of his channel from now on.

In his first broadcast, Jschlatt debuted a bot to purge his Twitch chat of users who have any connection to the Minecraft stan community.

The bot blocked any viewer with a username referring to any of the popular Minecraft players, including Karl Jacobs, TommyInnit and GeorgeNotFound.

“We built a bot for you to get rid of every Twitch account that has Karl Jacobs, NotFound, WasTaken, Innit, all of them. The commands live.”

With some classical music playing in the background, Jschlatt “twisted” laughed as he saw the madness transform when the robot blocked thousands of them together in a sight no one saw coming.

In the end, it looks like the king of cozy streamers is back to provide all the warmth and love that fans have lost over the years. However, many Minecraft devices and toxic users will not be around to watch it.

However, Jschlatt fans don’t mind them at all because they can now watch their favorite broadcast every Friday. Additionally, he will also be broadcasting on the alternative Twitch channel “schlatt”, every now and then as well. There will be plenty of Jschlatt content fans will love.

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