The Brooklyn Nets finished their pre-season schedule with a slate of a 107-101 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves at Barclays Center. The win improved the team to 3-1 in pre-season, although the win was not in the media’s backseat after the game.

It will be the first time that Nets star Kevin Durant has spoken to the media after the Nets made the decision not to allow Kyrie Irving to return unless he qualified on Tuesday and Irving’s Instagram live on Wednesday night.

When asked multiple questions about Irving, Durant answered them all with poise.

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Last season, Irving scored 26.9 points and six assists while firing 50-40-90 off the field. How can networks compensate for this kind of loss?

“Over time, we will begin to identify the players who will step up and play, fill in the blanks, those minutes, those shots and those chances.”

Explaining that he hasn’t spoken to Irving since the team’s announcement, Durant indicated he wasn’t bothered by the team’s starting point.

“What would the madman do? He wouldn’t change his mind.”

Nets coach Steve Nash, who has been answering questions about Irving at every media interaction since Media Day, has expressed a similar mindset to focus on what’s important with the players available.

“I think I said pretty much all I had to say about it,” Nash said While he stated that he did not listen to Irving’s Instagram live. “I really want to focus on moving forward.”

As Nash, James Harden, KD and the Nets try to stay focused on their goal this season – winning the championship – with the roster at their disposal, they will all be delighted to have Irving back.

Durant, who signed with Irving in Brooklyn in 2019, was ‘positive’ about moving forward between the Nets and Star Point Guard.

The Nets now have four days off before flipping their season on opening night in Milwaukee against the defending champions. Having played all pre-season without Irving, they should be well prepared but will the team still be a legitimate title contender if they are to be out all season? Nash thinks so But only time will tell.

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