Neither Kyle Duger nor Michael Bateman Jr. will finish a Patriots Colts game Saturday night. The two players were sent off after a clash in the third quarter that left Bateman at the bottom of a pile without his helmet.

The little squabble came after 7 yards run by Jonathan Taylor of Indianapolis. Bateman came in late with his helmet loose and tried to stop the Dugger. The Patriots’ defensive back intercepted Pittman’s block, for some reason, and he threw an open hand in the face of the Colts’ wide receiver. Pittman was then pushed to the floor from behind by New England midfielder Kyle Van Noy.

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Dogger ended the play by removing Bateman’s helmet and throwing Bateman to the ground, which caught the attention of several Colts, who had come to Bateman’s defense.

There was so much pushing and shoving in the pile, that one of the officials even fell to the ground at one point. The action drew the flags, and referee Karl Chivers fired both Duger and Pittman once things calmed down. Van Noy survived despite being pushed.

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Bateman wasn’t happy to be fired. He faced officials before he was directed to the sideline by his teammates. Meanwhile, Dogger knew he had made a mistake and returned to the Patriots locker room with the New England staff.

The skirmish seemed to energize the Patriots, who saved Taylor for a loss in the next play to force a field effort. Michael Badgley missed the 49-yard attempt; The Patriots responded with a 61-yard touchdown drive to narrow the Colts’ lead to 20-7.

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