NFL Hall of Famer and TV personality Shannon Sharp recently alluded to the absence of LeBron James as a major reason for the Los Angeles Lakers’ humiliating defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers went into the game expected to comfortably win over a young and inexperienced OKC team that was sitting at the bottom of the table. Things seem to be going according to plan as Los Angeles advances to the dominant position. It was again a tale of two halves for them as they blew up a 26-point lead which they collected in the first half. This allowed Thunder to return to the game after a disastrous third quarter in which they were bested 41-23.

The Lakers lacked a killer mentality and couldn’t finish the job. It once again showed us why LeBron James is such an integral part of being the glue that holds them together. L.A. was sorely lacking in James’ leadership because he’s usually the one calling the plays, keeping them choppy and making sure they never take their feet off the gas.

Shannon Sharp pointed this out while explaining how important LeBron is to the Lakers squad. He went on to explain how this would not have happened in LeBron’s watch due to his superior gamemaking skills and basketball intelligence. Here is what he said in an appearance on FS1’s Skip and Shannon: Undisputed:

“LeBron makes everyone better, and losing him by 26 points would not have happened in his reign. Russell didn’t have the ball to constantly make those bad decisions. LeBron is the medicine.”

.Tweet embed On LeBron expected to return to the Lakers lineup: “LeBron makes everyone better, losing 26 points wouldn’t have happened in his watch. Russell didn’t have the ball to consistently make those bad decisions. LeBron is medicine.”

LeBron James will be excited to get back on the court and pin the ship, keeping the Lakers’ morale in mind given their championship aspirations.

Can the Lakers win while LeBron James is resting?

In an 82-game season, expecting 36-year-old LeBron James to play for every single one of them is an impossible task even for a player as decent as him. LeBron will have to sit out two games to keep him well rested in the post-season. If the Lakers continue to struggle without him on the field, it’s a farce because they took pride in the depth of the team.

LeBron James will continue to play at a high level, but the likes of Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis will have to step up if the Lakers are to fulfill their championship aspirations.

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