Gary Neville has described Manchester United players as ‘babies’ when they receive goals and warned of a seismic outage within the squad.

In a harsh analysis of United’s defeat at the weekend against Leicester for Sky Sports. Monday Night Football, Neville described the shock of choosing Harry Maguire, a month after the injury, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s “biggest mistake”.

“It wasn’t close at all,” Neville concluded. “His choice in the first place might have been a panic about not having both Maguire and Varane, but not having him out at halftime? That was the biggest mistake. Bayley should have played alongside Lindelof.”

Sunday October 24 4:00 pm

Departing 4:30 pm

But it was United’s performance in general, most notably their “breakup” in the second half, that worried Neville ahead of United’s grueling run of matches, starting with a visit to Liverpool on Sunday, live on Sky Sports.

“I watched the match on the top camera and Manchester United were horrible all the way through it.”

‘Kids’ and ‘loose’ – Neville on what went wrong with United at Leicester

Having reached halftime level at 1-1, United collapsed after the first half, conceding three times with huge gaps emerging between United’s players and their defenders prone to overstrain.

“They’re loose and they’re a pretty shocking aspect to watch when they’re loose,” concluded Neville. “There were spaces everywhere.

“They don’t press well, they don’t have intensity, they just roam the field – especially their front players – and they have to think they are better than they are because when I watch Liverpool and Manchester City, they are running.

United’s second-half collapse is proven by their predicted goals versus halftime stats – just 0.4 in the first half, but 2.2 in the second.

“There was a huge, massive change,” Neville continued. “Leicester looked like they could score with every single attack.”

“Patterns started to emerge throughout the second half as the front and back of the team separated. You end up with two teams: the top five – vanities, great players, world-class team – and five in the back.

“Manchester United ended up with a separate, unincorporated unit which Leicester found really comfortable to play against.

“This Manchester United team is really poor at responding to goals. They are a bit like kids after conceding a goal – if they score, they puff out their chest, the egos come out, they start running towards another goal.

“The separated team was exacerbated by individual errors, they ended up losing the match and rightly so…This Manchester United team plays in moments, they don’t have style or identity, but they have brilliant players.

“What you have to try and do is get some form of shape, work on that shape so you can keep a clean sheet or lose one goal while you always score two or three. On Saturday, they didn’t – they broke their ranks in the second half, and they didn’t They listen to their coach and his instructions – whichever is bad – and they need to correct that very quickly, otherwise they will lose a lot of football matches if they keep doing it. Like this.”

So what is the solution to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

According to Jamie Carragher, along with Neville On monday night football, United’s current problems with formation and cohesion can be traced back to the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“You can’t play five attacking players,” Carragher said. “I never believed Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes could play so centrally together.

“But the reason Pogba plays central is because of the signing of Ronaldo. I’m not trying to be smart after the event.

I said after signing that it would be better than signing him to the Premier League from Manchester United. I knew he would have to play every match and what was the impact of a knockout?

For Carragher, the decisive outcome of Ronaldo’s signing was a disastrous shift in Pogba’s position.

“Pogba went left towards the end of last season and Manchester United almost fell for something. But once Ronaldo comes along, Pogba has to play in midfield to get all those players.

“But when Pogba plays in the center of midfield, there is a disconnect in the team. He is not disciplined enough to play central midfield. I am not saying that he should be outside the team, but he is not a midfielder in a Manchester United shirt.

Pogba has played in midfield for United on four occasions this season. Although United won three of those matches, their defensive weaknesses were acute – against Wolverhampton, their expected goals were 2.3; The result was 2.8 against Villarreal in the Champions League. And in Leicester it was 2.5 this weekend

“They’ve been very fortunate in those matches,” said Carragher. “That’s what happens not only when Pogba is in the middle of midfield but when Manchester United play those five attacking players. That has to change. If this continues and they keep playing all the big stars, Manchester United could struggle for in the top four. “.

All of this leaves Solskjaer with an acute selection dilemma that must be resolved, starting with the midfielder.

“Ole can’t go back to McTominay and Fred,” Neville warned. “He can’t go back to Matic and Fred. Because we know what that offers – it won’t build Manchester United’s success.

“Ole brought these players and Pep Guardiola plays with five attacking players.

“What Ole needs to prove is that he is a great manager and in his development as a coach this season he can get his top players to work as hard as the other top players in the league.”

Running hard for Manchester United

Manchester United face a massive slate of matches in October and November as they look to keep pace with the Premier League and secure Champions League qualification, with Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and the Manchester Derby looming on the horizon.

October 20: Atlanta (H) – UEFA Champions League, 8pm

October 24: Liverpool (H) – Premier League, 4:30pm, live Sky Sports

October 30: Tottenham (A) – Premier League, 5:30pm, live Sky Sports

November 2: Atlanta (A) – Champions League, 8pm

November 6: Manchester City (at home) – English Premier League, 12.30 pm, live Sky Sports

November 20: Watford (A) – Premier League, 3pm

November 23: Villarreal (A) – Champions League, game 45 minutes

November 28: Chelsea (A) – Premier League, 4:30pm, live Sky Sports

November 30: Arsenal (H) – Premier League, 8pm

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