Simply put, the same old narratives that surrounded Michigan coach Jim Harpo are back again, and for good reason.

Michigan No. 6 took a 30-14 lead with 6:47 left in the third quarter against Michigan State No. 8 at Spartan Stadium and looked poised to dominate the Big Ten East and perhaps even give No. 5 Ohio State something to think about — for real, this time.

Instead, Michigan suffered a severe meltdown. once again.

It happened at the hands of her rival within the state in an amazing way. once again.

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Now, that narrative that the Wolverines can’t win the big game is back after losing 37-33 to the Spartans. once again.

The blame falls on Harbaugh, who has fallen to 2-13 against top-10 opponents since taking charge of Michigan in 2015. That first-ten loss was against Michigan State No. 7 at “Punt Fumble” on October 10, 2015.

The loss of the Sabbath would not be mentioned in this context, even if it was worse in some ways. Michigan State won the biggest game between the two teams since the 1960s. The Spartans are now 4-3 against Harbaugh and 2-0 under second year coach Mel Tucker, who has instilled an undeniable toughness into the program not much different from the heyday of Mark D’Antonio’s era. .

Kenneth Walker used that to emphasize a Heisman Trophy that resembles the year Lorenzo White took the Spartans to the Big Ten in 1987. Walker rushed for 197 yards and five TDs. This included the game’s tied TD-58-yard with 12:29 remaining in fourth and the brightest score from 23 yards with 5:08 remaining.

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Michigan State will suddenly become the top-ranked team in the CFP First Rankings (even before Ohio State), and with this supplemental football it will give the Buckeyes something to think about before their game at Ohio Stadium on November 20. The Spartans are the last Big Ten to win there, and they did so in the CFP race in 2015. Ohio fans remember that.

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Michigan? Well, those second guesses are back. once again.

Their backs Hassan Haskins and Blake Corum were limited to 104 total yards, but quarterback Kid McNamara was handling. It was 21 of 29 for 293 yards and two TDs heading into the fourth quarter.

So why did Harbaugh put new quarterback JJ McCarthy on the field with a 33-30 lead with 7:12 remaining? McCarthy flopped, just as he had done in his last plays in the previous series, and was pounced on by Jacob Panaswick of Michigan State. McCarthy may be the answer for the Wolverines in the quarterback soon, but that was McNamara’s game.

What happened to the defense? Michigan State’s offense accelerated in the second half, and Payton Thorne cleared two interceptions in the first half. Michigan State staged the plays at a rough time and the annoyance was sealed with a one-handed interception by Charles Brantley.

Not exactly “Punt Fumble”, but the same effect. Seriously, what has changed for Michigan after six years?

The Wolverines’ Big Ten championship hopes require help.

Michigan still has road games in No. 20 Pennsylvania and Ohio. All the goodwill that came from an encouraging start with a revamped staff is gone. The most frustrating thing about Ann Arbor is that McNamara put Michigan in a position to win, but was not on the field in key second-half moments.

He wouldn’t have to answer for that, but Harbow would.

This old novel is still alive and well, and has left Michigan wondering the same thing.

How did this happen repeatedly?

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