The 2021-22 NBA season is upon us with a double-header on opening night you won’t want to miss.

The list sways with the NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks hosting this year’s favorite Brooklyn Nets. In a rematch of a legendary seven-game series in the semi-finals of last year’s Eastern Conference, Kevin Durant and James Harden will seek revenge against Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton and Giroud Holiday.

Sports News tracks live score updates and highlights from Nets vs.Bucks Tuesday night. Follow below for the full results from the 2021 NBA Opening Night game.

Nets vs. Bucks

NBA Opening Night x 1 Q 2 Q3 Q 4 last

Nets vs. Updates. Live Bucks, highlights from the NBA Opening Night

First Quarter

The 2021-22 season officially begins with the first shot of the season going to Grayson Allen. Miss from long range.

before the match

Well, there’s actually some basketball to be played right now… Here’s the Bucks’ start with Grayson Allen’s new face.

Curling advances in a big way, as Nick Claxton kicks off on opening night.

2021 Championship banner on the rafters!

The best player in the finals gets a huge applause from the home crowd!

A closer look at the Milwaukee Championship Circuit!

The party is underway in Milwaukee as the Bucks prepare to collect their championship rings!

Nets vs. time starts. Bucks today

  • date: Tuesday October 19
  • start time: 7:30 PM ET | 4:30 PM Pacific Time

NBA Opening Night kicks off with the Bucks hosting the net at 7:30 p.m. ET.

How to watch the NBA opening night

  • TV channel: TNT
  • Live broadcast: TNT application

Bucks vs Nets will be broadcast live on TNT. You can live stream the game from the TNT app after entering your TV provider.

Bucks schedule 2021-22

(all times east)

date Game time National TV
October 19 versus networks 7:30 PM TNT
October 21 in the heat 8 pm
October 23 in spurs 8:30 pm
October 25 in Pacers 7 pm
October 27 vs Timberwolves 8 pm
October 30 against. Tottenham 8 pm
October 31 opposite jazz 7 pm NBA TV
November 2 in pistons 7 pm
November 5 against the Knicks 7:30 PM ESPN
November 7 in wizards 6 pm

Network schedule 2021-22

date Game time National TV
October 19 in pax 7:30 PM TNT
October 21 in the 76ers 7:30 PM ESPN
October 24 vs. Hornets 4 pm
October 25 vs processors 7:30 PM NBA TV
October 27 against the heat 7:30 PM
October 29 vs Pacers 7:30 PM
October 31 vs pistons 7:30 PM
November 3 vs hooks 7:30 PM ESPN
November 5 in pistons 7 pm
November 7 in the raptors 3:30 pm

(all times east)

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