With another week of NFL excitement in the books, it’s already time to pick our favorite Sleepers and Value Picks for the DFS Week 6 competition. As Bill Belichick said, “There are no days off!” Just like the Tuesdays for exemptions in the year-round fantasy rework leagues, in daily fantasy football, Tuesdays are dedicated to finding early value in the DraftKings and FanDuel player pools.

If you are a DFS junkie or just want to find an edge or corner with all your football related bets, this column will be right up your alley all season long. Each week, I search the player pools at DraftKings and FanDuel and compile a list of sleepovers and/or value picks to help you earn some cash. The more players you add, the more money you have left to get weekly studs installed elsewhere in the list.

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If you read this column before Week 5, you will benefit from our advice to connect a large number of low-cost, high-value players into your DFS formations. Here is a short list of some of the hit songs from the past week, including DraftKings cost per player and final PPR output:

  • QB Jameis Winston, Saints at Washington (DK: $5,600 | FD: $7,000): 33.76
  • RP Chupa Hubbard, Panthers vs. Eagles (DK: $6000 | FD: $6,700): 18.4
  • RB Damien Williams, Bears at Raiders (DK: $5,600 | FD: $5,800): 16.4
  • WR Hunter Renfrow, Raiders vs.Bears (DK: $4900 | FD: $5800): 11.6
  • TE Dalton Schultz, Cowboys vs. Giants (DK: $4,400 | FD: $6,200): 13.9

If you used any of these cost-effective picks last week, you’ll benefit from good, cheap production while also saving yourself an extra screw or two elsewhere. Getting the most out of your winnings has always been the name of the game at DFS, so it’s important to do your due diligence before creating squads. Let us dive deep – we’re here for you from the first start through to the last play of the 2021 NFL season.

Without further ado, let’s move straight to week six!

All player values ​​are from DraftKings and FanDuel. All stats from NFL.com and Pro Football Reference.

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NFL DFS Week 6 Picks: QB Sleepers, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Kirk Cousins, Vikings in the Panthers (DK: $6,200 | FD: $7,100)

Cousins ​​and Vikes are 2-3, but they were really much better than this record suggests. Cousins ​​has a 69.6 percent completion rate, 1,396 passing yards, 10 TDs and only two interceptions. Although Carolina was good defensively, she also played a lot of bad offenses (whoa, Jets, Saints, Texas, Eagles). In one week squaring the Panthers against a legit offense, Dallas won 36-28 and Dak Prescott threw four touchdowns. I’ll take cousins ​​with the highly effective Justin Jefferson receiver from Adam Tillen. Bonus points if elite defender Dalvin Cook returns from an ankle injury.

Mac Jones, Patriots vs Cowboys (DK: $5,200 | FD: $6,500)

Jones has been impressive through five games as a pro, but it didn’t exactly translate to the world of fantasy football. I think the changes this week at home against the Cowboys who are 26th in Fantasy Points succumbed to the QBs. Jones is crisp, efficient and well balanced in the pocket. Bates would need to score a handful to keep up with Dallas’ high-octane attack, and running back Damien Harris (chest) takes a bit of a hit. I’ll take 20 points for $5,200.

Carson Wentz, Colts vs. Texas (DK price: $5,400 | FD: $6,700)

Wentz and Indy’s offense woke up quite a bit on Monday Night Football, even leading the Ravens 22-3 at one point. Of course, it all fell into disrepair when he caught Baltimore a 31-25 win in overtime. It’s still encouraging to see Wentz playing with confidence in his new digs. Sophomore Michael Bateman Jr. is a formidable talent, and sophomore back Jonathan Taylor is a double-threat off the field. Wentz has plenty of options, and you should thrive against humble Texans.

PPR Week 6 Rankings:
Quarterback | running backwards | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

NFL DFS Week 6 Picks: RB Riders, Values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Latavius ​​Murray, Ravens vs. Chargers (DK: $5,700 | FD: $5,800)

Murray has been John Harpo’s top pick in the RB1 for the past few weeks, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the veterans’ baseline in the Baltimore game that comes from behind on Monday night. Don’t worry, because this is mostly due to the game’s scenario and some bad offensive breaks. If Lamar Jackson had given the ball to Murray at the goal line in the third quarter, instead of offside and fumbling, Murray would have had more 11 points instead of five. The Charger is ranked 23rd in the NFL in fantasy points allowed to appear, so I like his chances of rebounding from the flop.

Devontae Booker, Giants vs. Rams (DK: $5,400 | FD: $5,900)

Booker will be the best concession of the week in most long formats of the season after Saquon Barkley rotated his ankle to softball size last week. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend starting with a back run against rams, but poker can do damage across the lane as well. In the PPR formats, LA ranks only 19th against RBs. Hit the books in a great chance game.

Standard Rankings for Week Six:
Quarterback | running backwards | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

NFL DFS Week 6 Picks: WR Riders, Values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Robert Woods, Rams at Giants (DK: $6,100 | FD: $6,900)

Bobby Trees is very attractive after his first big game of the 2021 campaign. Maybe he finally showed up for breakfast with QB Matthew Stafford and fellow wide one Cooper Kupp? Anyway, 12 for 14 for 150 yards is quite the market correction. The Giants have a very talented tandem, but they still ranked 18th in fantasy points that succumbed to wide receivers. With New York thinking and Los Angeles heavily motivated to grab the “W” to stay around the top of the NFC West, Woods could put in 15-30 points again this weekend.

Jacoby Myers, Patriots vs Cowboys (Danish: $5,500 | FD: $5,800)

My friends hate that I stand by Myers, but I would still say he is broadly talented and has as great a chance as WR1 in a cocky youngster attack. He suffered a bit of a fall on Sunday against Houston, but I think he bounced well at home against the Cowboys defense that ranks 29th in fantasy points allowed for receivers. I’ll take the upside PPR high at $5,500.

Tee Higgins, Bengals at Lions (DK: $5,300 | FD: $6,400)

Higgins had a somewhat pedestrian streak against Green Bay over the weekend, his first game after a two-week absence with a shoulder injury. With another week of recovery under his belt and against the abyssal lions, I think Higgins has a breakout game. He hit five of seven goals this past weekend, but they were all down and mid-range. At $5,300, I’m willing to bet he can open up a bit more this time.

NFL DFS Week 6 Picks: TE Riders, Values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Mark Andrews, Ravens vs. Chargers (DK: $5,200 | FD: $6,300)

Andrews put in a massive performance on the Ravens’ big comeback on the Colts at Monday Night Football, collecting 41.7 PPR points. Now he’s had a home match with the Chargers, who have earned the third most PPR points to a tight final spot this season (second most in the PPR half formats). Lamar Jackson’s connection to Andrews and receiver Marquis Brown appears to have been activated, so world watch out.

Hunter Henry Patriots vs Cowboys (DK: $3,900 | FD: $5,600)

In the fifth week against Texas, Henry finally looked like he deserved that big contract thrown by Bill Belichick this spring. The strong tight end caught six passes on eight goals for 75 yards and a point, good for a 19.5-point PPR at a cost of just $3,700. It only jumped $200 this week, so it’s a lot of value in a game of over or under 49 points (with an implied New England total of over 22). Dallas ranks 25th in fantasy points allowed in tight ends this season.

NFL DFS Week 6 Picks: D/ST Beams, Values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans (DK: $3,500 | FD: $4,700)

The Colts defense looked solid against Baltimore for nearly three frames on Monday, but then Lamar Jackson flooded the gates open and the Ravens took a 28-3 lead for the win. Don’t expect the same level of championships from Davis Mills and Texans this weekend. The Ponies are a high-end game at $3,500.

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