The NFL schedule has reached that point in the season where there will be no teams in goodbye. Instead, in Week 15, there will be an additional game on national television in the NFL Network game on Saturday.

Originally, the weekend was scheduled for a double header, starting with Browns against the Raiders in the afternoon. However, this game has been pushed back to Monday due to a number of positive COVID-19 tests in Cleveland, leaving the day with only the Patriots and Molots for the evening.

The match will pit NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Mac Jones, against potential MVP candidate in decline Jonathan Taylor. The Patriots have given up the most dashing yards in the NFL at 1,488 yards this season, while the Poets have been solid against the pass, having allowed the 12th lowest yard for 2,952.

This will be one of the only Saturdays that feature NFL games the rest of the year. Week 16 will also see two games on Saturday. During Week 17, all but one game will be played on Sunday, and in Week 18, every game will be played on Sunday.

We’ve got you covered in sports news for everything you need to watch the 15th week of the season.

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What is the NFL game today?

Here’s the Saturday schedule for Week 15 of the NFL season.

Saturday 18 December

Game time (Eastern time) channel
Patriots in ponies 8:15 pm NFL Network, fuboTV

What channel will the NFL game be on on Saturday?

Here’s how to watch the Patriots vs. the Colts.

Patriots in ponies

Although the Chiefs come to tough and tough New England for the AFC No. 1 seed, there is no team in the NFL hotter than the Patriots. New England won seven straight games, and eight of the previous nine games, to leapfrog the Bills and finish first in the East Asia region by 9-4. During this winning streak, opponents averaged just 10.4 points per game, with three teams reporting single-digit totals.

The Ponies are playing the game with a lot of momentum themselves. Indianapolis has won six of its past eight games, with losses taken only by the Titans and the Wakaners. The offense was in tatters, scoring no fewer than 30 points; Pomade in all but one of the games, Taylor averaged 127.6 yards per game during that time.

New England will be looking to end their strong season with matches against the Bills, Jaguars and Dolphins to end the year. The Colts end the 2021 regular season facing Cardinals, Raiders and Jaguars.

Kevin Burkhart and Greg Olsen will be at the Colts-Patriots broadcast booth, and Pam Oliver and Christina Pink will report from the sidelines.

NFL schedule week 15

Thursday 16 December

Game time (Eastern time) TV channel
34 heads, 28 . chargers 8:20 pm Fox, NFL Network, fuboTV

Saturday 18 December

Game time (Eastern time) channel
Patriots in ponies 8:15 pm NFL Network, fuboTV

Sunday 19 December

Game time (Eastern time) channel
Panthers in Belize 1:00 pm Fox fuboTV
Cardinals in Lions 1:00 pm Fox fuboTV
Airplanes in dolphins 1:00 pm CBS, fuboTV
Cowboys in giants 1:00 pm Fox fuboTV
Titans at Steelers 1:00 pm CBS, fuboTV
Texas in a Jaguar 1:00 pm CBS, fuboTV
Bengals in Bronco 4:05 pm CBS, fuboTV
The Hawks at the 49ers 4:05 pm CBS, fuboTV
Packers in crows 4:25 pm Fox fuboTV
Saints in pirates 8:20 pm NBC, fuboTV

Monday 20 December

Game time (Eastern time) channel
Raiders in Brown 5:00 pm NFL Network, fuboTV
Vikings in Beers 8:15 pm ESPN fuboTV

Tuesday December 21

Game time (Eastern time) channel
Seahawks in rams 7:00 pm Fox fuboTV
Washington at the Eagles 7:00 pm Fox fuboTV

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