Week 6 of the NFL has seen the top teams respond in some tough games down the road, showing that they are complete teams that can win anyway, anywhere, anytime. Although this limits the change in the latest league strength rankings in Sporting News in Week 7, there are still plenty of notable developments.

While six teams have split 5-1 or better (see 6-0 Cardinals) and a seventh could join that group on Monday night, the interesting move is in the muddled middle of 4-2 and 2-4. With room in the playoffs for 14 teams, there are a lot of things that could be changed at the back end of the playoff picture.

Here’s how SN sees how all the teams are battling against each other 1-32 as a third of the 2021 season ends:

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NFL Power Rankings

1. Arizona Cardinals 6-0 (previous standings: 1)

The Cardinals were facing the final in a trap in Cleveland and responded by setting Brown on fire from start to finish, even without head coach Cliff Kingsbury able to make the trip, with Keeler Murray having no restrictions on the right shoulder. And what about old school JJ Watt?

2. Los Angeles Rams 5-1 (2)

Rams show no mercy with fewer opponents. Everything is working offensively again and the defense can finally prey on a helpless opponent. Los Angeles is still working towards a rematch with Arizona later in the season.

3 – Buffalo Bills 4-1 (3)

The Bills’ Week 1 slip against the Steelers doesn’t look so bad now with multiple big wins since then, topped off by bringing down Kansas City and probably bolstered by Tennessee’s dissolution as well.

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4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-1 (4)

The Hackers adopted the methodical approach to winning by any means necessary and not worrying about style points (when they weren’t there) with Tom Brady. They’re only buying time until Rob Gronkowski and their major minor pieces can recover.

5. Green Bay Packers 5-1 (5)

The Hazams continue to perform their duties with Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones with the right level of defensive support in every match. With their impressive five-game winning streak, the first week’s debacle against the Saints feels like a distant memory.

6- Dallas Cowboys 5-1 (6)

The Cowboys not only escaped the Patriots with their fifth straight win. They made a statement in the kind of game they tended to lose in the past, overcoming major penalties, red-zone swings, and one major covering error. Dak Prescott is a tough guy to beat and Boss was lucky to do that in the first week.

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7 – Baltimore Ravens 5-1 (8)

The Ravens can now beat teams in a variety of ways with Lamar Jackson running or passing offense to the big things. Their defense needed that confidence building against the Chargers after Monday night’s chaos.

8. Los Angeles Chargers 4-2 (7)

The Charger wasn’t prepared to handle the Crows’ varied attack, which has been known to attack them where they are weakest, in the running defense. Justin Herbert clunker is a reminder that he can still fall victim to his own inexperience, no matter how beautiful he looked the week before.

9. Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 (10)

The Chiefs looked like they were on their way to yet another bug-filled mess in Washington, but then the spotlight took off on Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill once again to turn a frustrating winnable game into a total defeat. The defense was a great surprise in protecting the lead well.

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10. Cincinnati Bengals 4-2 (11)

Joe Burrow is giving Prescott a run for his money as comeback player of the year with an impressive quarterback playing in the first half. The Bengals look dangerous and fully offensive as the defense is now feeding on that.

11. Las Vegas Raiders 4-2 (16)

The Raiders got rid of Jon Gruden and somehow their attack and defense used some of their potential in Denver. It is no coincidence that the new leadership seemed more focused on showing its most talented players.

12. Cleveland Browns 3-3 (9).

The Browns sang against the Cardinals because their offensive streak, wide future, and back injuries bumped into them around Baker Mayfield. The defense has too much of the burden to be able to play, by playing attack-based ball control.

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13. Tennessee Titans 3-2 (12)

The Titans won’t pull away with the AFC South with the Colts back in the mix. Neither their defense nor their attack is reliable enough to be trusted in any given week.

14- Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3 (20)

The Steelers aren’t very good offensively yet but they fought their way back to the .500 on the strength and defense of Novice running back Nagy Harris, which has been their game plan all season, anyway.

15. New Orleans Saints 3-2 (19)

The Saints had to say goodbye to finding out what kind of team (competitor or mediocre runner) they are after Drew Brees. Sean Payton did a great job getting them to play supplemental football and pressure to play mostly good outside of James Winston.

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16- Minnesota Vikings 3-3 (23)

The Vikings had three good wins (Black, Panthers, Seahawks) to offset three tough losses (Bengals, Cardinals, Browns) in an early tough schedule. They get a week 7 bye before they face the Cowboys, Ravens, and Chargers and Packers (yikes) over the next month.

17. Seattle Seahawks 2-4 (13)

The Seahawks aren’t the same team without the inspirational and brilliant Russell Wilson playing, which means he’s almost always the best player in the NFL based on how much his team needs him to win.

18. San Francisco 49ers 2-3 (14)

The 49 players needed to know some things on both sides of the ball during the farewell and also use it for better health. Kyle Shanahan has to make attack click because defense might not be a quick fix.

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19. Chicago Bears 3-3 (15)

The Bears got some better play from the main rookies, Justin Fields and Khalil Herbert, to make the Packers sweat. But they need more firepower because their defense still contains a lot of major vulnerabilities.

20. Carolina Panthers 3-3 (17)

The Panthers faded quickly from 3-0 with Sam Darnold struggling and Christian McCaffrey ill. Their attack that had so much potential was now a mixed bag of occasional flashes. The running defense problems are also very real.

21- Denver Broncos 3-3 (18).

The Broncos are dropping freely with their attack still trying to support them but Vic Fangio’s defense is losing it completely after a strong start 3-0. The brown coming on the road in a short week will not help them recover.

22 Philadelphia Eagles 2-4 (21)

The Eagles played the pirate well with Jalen Hurts doing what he could, but the defensive roll continues to drive Nick Siriani insane.

23. New England Patriots 2-4 (22).

The Patriots had two “moral” victories at home against the Cowboys and Buccaneers, but were still winless in New England. Their only victories are still against the Texas and Jets. Despite the basic treatment, they are not worth the match.

24. Atlanta Falcons 2-3 (25)

The Hawks had a goodbye to continue working on their attack to have him plotting with Matt Ryan and Arthur Smith. Watch out they get Kyle Bates and Calvin Ridley at the same time.

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25. Indianapolis Colts 2-4 (26).

The Colts see Carson Wentz playing as they expected in attacking Frank Reich with his full set of weapons and stopping him better. They should know that the South Asian title is still within reach if they can clean up a bit more defensively.

26. Washington FC 2-4 (24).

WFT is starting to see Taylor Hynek fall back to his below-average passing talent. Defense was by far the biggest disappointment, however, he’s given up on a lot more big plays than he does.

27. New York Jets 1-4 (29).

The Jets had much-needed time to regroup in the junior season for Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh. The bad news is that they face the Patriots for the second time on the road in week seven.

28. New York Giants 1-5 (28).

The Giants were downsized against the Rams and were injured. Their defense has become a fluke on every level and their attack has no rhythm or consistency with the shortcomings of line and back.

29. Miami Dolphins 1-5 (27).

Dolphins’ defense has gone into the tank with injuries and ineffectiveness all around, a truly horrible look for Brian Flores as it’s timed with Tua Tagovailoa’s attack reviving.

30- Houston Texans 1-5 (30)

The Texans are not able to compete well with Davis Mills and their defense, despite all the flashes they show for a rebuilding team with above-average training. They should be in a good position to craft the true alternative to Deshaun Watson.

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31. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5 (32).

The Jaguars secured a win for Trevor Lawrence by backing him with receiving, running and special teams in a winnable “home” match in London. Now they will try to board the board on American soil again.

32. Detroit Lions 0-6 (31)

Lions slowly lose their battle as defeats become more devastating. Taming Bengals this way in their own land may have taken all the scratches from their fellow cats.

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