Olympic bronze medalist Lovlina Borgohin and former world medalist Shiva Thapa compete to be representatives of Asia on the FIBA ​​Athletes Committee. The committee will be formed by voting during the ongoing World Championships (men and women) scheduled for December.

Shiva Thapa competes in the 73.5 kg class. Lovlina Burgohin will be in the Indian squad for the Women’s World Boxing Championships. She was selected based on her performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Burgohen is a two-time global bronze medalist in the big-ticket competition.

The IBF received 34 nominations from five continental confederations, 27 of which were found to be eligible by its Ethics Committee.

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If any of the Indian strikers are elected, it will be the country’s second consecutive time on the committee after veteran L. Sarita Devi. The former world champion made it unopposed in 2019.

Among the contenders for the Asian Bloc are three women and four men.

Lovlina Borgöhen’s competitors for position on the board

She will face former North Korean world champion Pang Chul-mi and gold medalist, twin gold medalist, Nazim Kizipaf, Lovlina Borgohin.

On the other hand, Shiva Thapa will face Uzbekistan’s Olympic gold medalist Khodor Jalulov, Pakistan’s Uwais Ali Khan and Kazakhstan’s two-time world champion Ablikhan Zhusupov.

“The Athletes Committee will consist of 10 people, with the newly elected President and Vice-President becoming voting members of the IBF Board of Directors,” the IBF stated.

One male and one female member from each federation will be elected by the registered boxers who will/will attend the World Championships.

“All elections will be held by secret ballot. The IBF will decide whether to use electronic or paper ballots,” the world body said.

The term of membership of the Athletes Committee members will run until the 2025 World Championships, much longer than what the previous committee received.

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