Last night, Donald Parham at the Los Angeles Chargers suffered an injury that can only be described as a horror injury in the first quarter. After a 75-yard return by Andre Roberts, Justin Herbert and his teammates were set to a great field position.

After two failed attempts to reach the end zone, a target and a ravine appeared. The chargers coach Brandon Staley made famous for his fourth place finish did it again.

Herbert threw a shot at Parham in the back of the end zone where the tight end caught, but could not complete the hunt as he fell to the ground with his head hitting the grass hard.

And it became clear from the second moment that he hit the ground that he is in trouble. Parham fell unconscious from being hit by the grass and it was a horrific sight. Players and medical staff rushed to his side before he was eventually put on a stretcher and the 24-year-old was taken to hospital for evaluation. Watch the incident below.

Viewers are advised with discretion.

Looks like Donald Parham Jr. is out after this fourth play and goals 😨

Parham provides update on his health

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He was a bad look with his head on the ground and with no word on his safety for the majority of the match, fans had to wait to hear word of his condition. Well, Parham calmed all fears when he took to his social media to give the world of football an update and that was positive.

It was definitely good to see Parham doing well and in good spirits which puts us all at ease. The tight end will now be in concussion protocol and he is unlikely to take the field in the Chargers’ next game against the Houston Texans.

Justin Herbert and Charger were clearly shaken by the Parham incident, which affected their early playing. However, they eventually started and forced Patrick Mahomes to score two minutes before forcing them to overtime, which he did.

Unfortunately for the Chargers, they never got the ball back as the Mahomes led the Chiefs into the Chargers territory as the Mahomes hit Travis Kelce at 34 yards to seal the deal as the Chiefs held the number one spot in the AFC West.

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