Patrick Mahomes’ troubles continued with Sunday’s team turnover against the Washington Football Club. He has thrown picks against the Washington defense, which has been a bottom-five unit in the NFL so far in 2021.

However, at least one person did not believe that Mahomes should be blamed for his first objection. This will be his mother, Randy, who has taken to Twitter to support her son.

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This isn’t the first time Randy Mahomes has come to her son’s defense on Twitter. During the Chiefs-Browns’ 2021 NFL Playoffs, she tweeted that Mac Wilson’s hit at Mahomes was “dirty football.” Mahomes suffered a concussion in the play.

In addition, the elder Mahomes blamed her son’s poor performance in the Super Bowl on the judges. She even tweeted to ESPN’s Louis Redick during the 2020 NFL season and asked him to stop calling her son “Pat,” because he’d rather call him Patrick.

However, Randy definitely had a point about her son’s first interception on Sunday. Mahomes threw a pass on goal to Tyreek Hill in the red area. However, the receiver let him peek into his hands and bounced straight into Kendall Fuller’s path, with whom he went down to intercept.

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Hill certainly deserves most of the blame for this objection, but nonetheless, it will appear in the Mahomes stats newspaper.

However, Mahomes II’s objection was ugly and was entirely on him. He should have just taken the bag; Instead, try to make a lot happen.

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Mahomes has thrown eight interceptions so far during the 2021 NFL season, putting him on track for 22 interceptions during his 17-game season. His previous high in a single season was 12.

So while some of the shots may not have been Mahomes’ fault, it’s undeniable that his accuracy has been a lot shakier than it has been in past seasons.

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