Iowa fans were exceptionally frustrated watching a number two hockey team lay an egg against Purdue on Saturday — frustrated enough to waste a perfectly good beer.

During the third quarter of Perdue’s unranked 24-7 disturbance in Iowa, an unidentified Hawkeyes fan threw a beer at Kinnick Stadium. The attacking hookman Greg Long saw the beer and, obviously not wanting it to go to waste, picked it up and threw it in his face.

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You have to stay hydrated, right?

To be fair to the random Iowa fan, the Hawkeyes — who just climbed to second in the polls after beating No. 4 Penn State — responded with utter absurdity for the game. The defense had no answer for Boilermakers quarterback Aidan O’Connell, who completed 30 of 40 passes for 375 yards and two touchdowns. Receiver David Bell also picked up 11 receptions for 140 yards and one from O’Connell’s touchdown. In comparison, Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras threw four interceptions while his team struggled for less than 100 yards.

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The question now is whether Long will handle beer. For example, Georgia South defensive tackle Gavin Adcock was suspended from the team after getting on the team bus and having a beer thrown at him prior to the Eagles’ 28-20 loss to Louisiana in Week 4. It’s clearly worth noting that Saturday’s incident occurred during the game and Long, He is old in Little Red Riding Hood, old enough to consume alcohol.

Another thing to consider: whether Long can take advantage of the viral moment to get some kind of care. In the age of name image and likeness in college football, anything is possible.

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Oddly enough, the Iowa-Purdue wasn’t the only game that saw litter on the field. In a decidedly less fun atmosphere, Tennessee fans pelted Lane Kevin and 13th seed Ole Miss late in the Rebels’ 31-26 win at Neyland Stadium. Actions there likely could result in fines for the university and have been widely criticized by many observers, including the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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