There were many memorable moments surrounding the Titans’ dominant 42-16 win over the Bills in 2020. It was one of the first NFL games of the season to be affected by the COVID outbreak, as the Titans had up to 23 players. COVID list before competition.

However, the surviving memory of that contest came from Derek Henry. Henry posted 57 yards low in the low season against a stout Bills defense, but armed with the power of Josh Norman to be forgotten on a carry, he ironically didn’t even count.

Henry’s stiff arm was impressive and a symbol of the beating of the Titans who gave the bills on that Tuesday night. Of course, when the two AFC contenders meet in Week 6 of the 2021 NFL season, that game surfaced once again.

Here’s a look back at the play and Henry and Norman’s reaction in its aftermath.

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Derek Henry’s stiff arm on Josh Norman

Henry provided his stiff arm in the middle of the first quarter of the Giants win. It was one of the most resounding, solid arms the NFL has ever seen. The Titans’ bell cow resurrected Josh Norman’s bills flying like a ragdoll for a short run before being called up again for a penalty.

Here’s a look at the epic play.

Henry’s powerful move has attracted a lot of attention, and it seems like every angle of Norman’s soaring through the air has been shared on Twitter.

Titans coach Mike Frabel praised Henry after his outstanding play.

“It was the best 5 yard race I’ve ever seen,” said Frabel the day after the Bills won, In Nashville Tennessee. “It was amazing.”

Even a year later, the play is still fresh in the minds of Bills coach Sean McDermott, the play as a reminder of why they need to take their next game against the Titans seriously even after the dominant victory over the Chiefs.

“I think we remember it every time we see the highlights,” McDermott said when asked about Henry’s stiff arm. per “I see that play, and—look, give them credit. They have outdone us, they have outdone us, they have outdone us. They are a good football team.”

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Derek Henry’s reaction to Josh Norman’s stiff arm

Henry was asked about the stiff arm in the wake of the Giants victory. He joked that he blamed his arm exercise routine for the play’s outcome.

“I’ve been doing a lot of curls,” Henry said, In Sports Illustrated. “I have to give up my guns.”

After getting that banter out of the way, Henry explained that the move had been taking her for years. As such, his experience doing so gave him an edge, in his estimation.

“It just came naturally to me because my arms are so long,” Henry said. “So, this is the first thing I use to break interference or get away from cannons. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid.”

Of course, it also didn’t hurt that Henry had the advantage of size over Norman. He is 6-3, 238 pounds while his opponent is 6-0, 190. So, this explains why Henry made the play look so easy.

Henry thought of arm stiffness again in late February. As much as he remembers the play, he remembers its aftermath, too.

“After that stiff arm, my phone was the craziest ever,” said Henry, Per CBS Sports. “It took me about three or four days to answer each one, and that’s how crazy my phone is.”

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Josh Norman takes Derek Henry’s cruel arm

Josh Norman was naturally asked about the slightly stiff arm since it happened. eat it in Interview on The Dan Patrick Show Before the Asian Championship match and played down its importance.

I mean, listen here, when you’re chasing the ball, you’re going to toss regardless. It’s just something you have a talent for. For me, I don’t look at it from the point of view of what people say after the fact, I look at it if I’m actually doing the play during the fact. Going back, in two plays we got off the field from the plays we did, so I don’t get much into that, I don’t really do that. It’s a laugh, it’s a joke.

Now we’re in a society where we like to see oh-has and oh-has and the looks of the sport, and that’s cool, but when you get out there, the only thing you think about is getting the opponent, and getting the ball out of it. I didn’t care too much, it was something to laugh about.

Norman was also keen to pay tribute to Henry on the show, noting that he joined an exclusive club for an NFL running appearance through his excellent 2020 campaign.

“Look, respect the man,” Norman said of Henry. “He has 2,000 yards revving up. Listen, it’s hard to do that for anyone. Only eight people did it, and he did. Hats off to him and it all started.”

Norman also denied that he had any regrets about interfering with the play in another interview a month later.

I am not ashamed of anyone. “I want to make it very, very, very clear,” Norman said. In “The Rush”.

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Where is Josh Norman now?

Norman left The Bills after the 2020 season and remained a free agent until the early stages of the 2021 NFL season. He signed with the 49ers while the team dealt with several injuries at full-back, including rupturing Jason Ferrett’s ACL.

So far in 2021, Norman has played three games for the 49ers. He made nine tackles and one playoff pass. He had 24 tackles, four pass defenses and an interception for Phils last season.

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