The Seahawks were able to take the Steelers into overtime during their “Sunday Night Football” game, but they came within seconds of failing to reach overtime. DK Metcalf made the crucial choice of not going out of bounds in the second-to-last play of the organization that nearly lost the game to the Seahawks.

Metcalfe wasn’t entirely happy that he’s facing criticism for his decision, and he let out his frustration at NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe.

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Sharpe sent out a tweet Monday morning asking what Metcalfe thought when he avoided going too far.

Metcalfe returned to Sharpe with a strong cold.

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Metcalf can tweet whatever he wants, but Sharpe’s question has its merits. Metcalf’s decision was certainly intriguing.

The Seahawks had the ball on the Pittsburgh 35-yard line with no timeouts and 18 seconds on the clock when Jenno Smith found Metcalfe open on the left side. Smith completed an easy pass for Metcalf, who was between two defenders and had a clear lane out of bounds.

Metcalfe could easily have slipped out of bounds to stop the watch. That would have set Seattle for a field goal of about 40 yards.

Inexplicably, Metcalf decided to try to gain more yards. Avoid going out of bounds and touching the ball. Freddy Swain, receiver of the Seahawks, jumped on her to keep the ball in Seattle’s possession.

However, the team had to scramble to hit the ball, as the clock was running 11 seconds before the end of the match. The Seahawks were given a reprieve when the stewards called for a review of the Metcalf catch. That put three seconds on the clock and allowed the city of Seattle to easily raise it and set up the game’s peg score.

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Had the referees not asked for a review, Seattle might have had time to hit the ball. And they seemed to do so one second before the play was over. However, it was a very close call – it could have been avoided if Metcalfe had gone too far.

Metcalfe was not asked about his decision after the match. The score didn’t ultimately prove in the game – the Seahawks lost 23-20 in overtime – but it’s a play worth checking out.

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