The Securities and Exchange Commission issued a statement condemning the Tennessee fans who threw trash on the sidelines of Neyland Stadium late in Saturday’s loss to 13th seed Ole Miss.

The cheering volunteers in the crowd—welcoming former head coach Lynn Kevin back to Knoxville for the first time as head coach—were angry at officials who ruled Tennessee not making it to the line to earn fourth and 24th places late in the game. They then dumped trash on the sidelines, not only pelting Kevin and his team but also evacuating the Tennessee band and dance team and fans. This resulted in a 20 minute delay.

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Fans threw everything from water bottles, pizza boxes, beer bottles, a bottle of mustard, golf balls, and dip bottles into the field.

It’s uncertain what penalties Tennessee will face for littering the field, though it’s worth noting that the convention imposes $100,000 in fines on teams whose teams storm the field.

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Although Ole Miss grabbed the ball, Tennessee managed to get the ball back in the last minute with enough time left to attempt a comeback. The Volunteers had their last game at Ole Miss 21, but were only able to get to the 8-yard line after Joe Milton III scrambled 13 yards, ending the game at 31-26 in favor of the Rebels.

After the match, Kevin said it was “Comfortable,” Not only to get out of Neyland with a victory, but also to avoid being hit by a golf ball. This wasn’t the last time he faced the wrath of Tennessee fans. When he entered the tunnels of Neyland Stadium, fans took another opportunity to throw trash at him. He responded in kind by throwing his mask into the crowd.

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Tennessee counselor Dundee Plowman also responded to the incident following Saturday’s game, saying she was “astonished” and “outraged” by the behavior of the fans.

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