The NBA announced the league’s 75th Anniversary Team last week, a list of the greatest players to step onto the NBA grounds.

Only 25 new names were added to the list of 50 players who participated in the NBA team’s 50th anniversary in 1996, leaving very little room for current players to break into the team.

Among the superstars of the modern era, Luka Doncic and Nikola Djokic emerged as two internationals who had strong arguments to be listed among the 75 greatest players in NBA history.

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We asked TSN employees to participate in the discussion. Is it too early to include Doncic and Jokic?

Luka Doncic

Carlan Jay (Tweet embed): It’s too early for Doncic. Look, I’m as high as anyone in Luka Doncic. I was lucky enough to watch him play and call one of his games on FIBA ​​TV before he made it to the NBA. I think one day he will make up the anniversary team, but three years into his career is not the time.

I know Shaq made Team 96, but it’s not the same thing, is it? Shaq at the time wasn’t among the 50 best players who ever played the game – I think we can agree on that – but he was more in his career achievements than Luca. By the time Shaq played for the 50th Anniversary Team, he had already brought the magic to the Finals, finished in the Top 10 in the vote three times and led the league in scoring. Luca has yet to win a playoff series.

Luca will have his time, but not now.

Scott Rafferty (Tweet embed): I’m on the same page as Karlan. I’m not convinced that 50 players in NBA history are better basketball players than Doncic, who has proven to be a completely unguardable three-and-a-half at 22, but it’s hard to be in the top 75 when he hasn’t won a playoff game yet.

That being said, the way Doncic is heading, it’s going to be a cold lock next time we do an anniversary team. I know that much.

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Jordan Greer (@jordangerer42): Is there a case to prove that the Doncic version we’ve already seen is one of the 75 better Players in the history of the NBA? certainly. He was named to the All-NBA First Team in each of the past two seasons, placing fourth in the MVP vote in 2019-20 and sixth in 2020-21. He was a beast both in the regular season and in the playoffs.

Is it one of the 75 greatest Players in the history of the NBA? no not yet. He needs to play over 200 games before we can put him along with a bunch of basketball legends.

Kyle Irving (MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen): Without repeating, I’m with Karlan, Scott, and Jordan on this one. From a talent standpoint, Doncic is on par with all the players who made the NBA 75 roster. I don’t think it’s important to say that when the NBA makes the next anniversary team, Doncic is a lock to hack that roster. But so far, without winning a playoff game, how does anyone make the cause they deserve in the NBA 75?

Micah Adams (MicahAdams13): You are all completely wrong.

Yes, it’s early. But Doncic is simply because there is precedent. When the National Basketball Association announced the 50th Anniversary Team in 1996, it included Shaq as Karlan previously mentioned. And sure, he’s been a little more accomplished, but he’s yet to do it in First Team All-NBA, which Doncic has done twice already. After Shaq, Doncic’s peak is already at least half of the 75’s and we’re still probably four years from seeing his absolute peak.

As for his career, Doncic’s average scoring of 25.7 puts him among the top 10 in NBA history and there’s a statistical case to prove that he just had his best season ever – 22 years. With truly superior players, of the Mt Rushmore type, you know right away. Russell. wilt. Generous. bird. Charm. Jordan. Duncan. Shack. And yes, Luca. Barring an injury, Doncic will be at his worst a top 30 player with a chance of beating the top 10 in the illustrious shed.

There is no wait and see with Doncic. He epitomized greatness, in the absurd shortlist of players who left an indelible mark early on. Wait another 25 years if you want it but I don’t. He’s one of the 75 greatest players of all time Immediately. It should be here.

Nikola Jokic

gay: Doncic’s decision was easy for me. Jokic is a little trickier and the only reason this decision was really difficult was to sign Damien Lillard. How Lillard made the NBA 75 is far from me, but it exists and unfortunately I will have to pick it up.

For now, as it stands, when you’re putting together resumes side by side, I’ll go with Jokic. He’s got as much as Lillard has in the post-season, has the best player to his name and has been in conversation as one of the best players in the league. Although Dame is a very talented player, he has never been involved in the discussion of him being the best in the league – and that’s a red flag regarding that discussion for me.

I was going to let Lillard out to add a Jokic in it.

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Rafferty: Jokic participated. Longevity is not on his side, but he is the best major player to have ever passed and he had a historic season in 2020-21, in which he was named MVP. He hasn’t made it to the finals yet, but he has been a stunning post-season, averaging 25.9 points, 11.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists from his 43 post-season games.

Want to guess how many players in NBA history can match these numbers? Not even one. Jokic should have done it.

Jarir: Jokic has a stronger argument than Doncic because he played twice as many games in the regular season and advanced more in the NBA playoffs. Oh, and that MVP Cup doesn’t hurt.

However, I still can’t get there. If we want to exclude players of the current era like Damian Lillard or Anthony Davis, I will introduce some players to Jokic. Arguably Dwight Howard had the biggest disdain for this entire project. Alex English was the NBA A leading scorer in the 80s. (Yes, the entire contract). What about Bernard King?

Voters voted to exclude Doncic and Djokic this time. Put both of them on the NBA 100 list.

Irving: I wouldn’t have included Jokic on my list either.

Playing for only six years in the league at the time of the NBA 75 announcement is really the only reason against the Serbian big man. He’s only a three-time All-Star and has yet to reach the Finals (though he’s had several impressive playoffs, most notably leading a pair of 3-1 comebacks to reach the Western Conference Finals in 2020). The 2021 NBA MVP Award certainly helped build a cause, and I like Scott’s view of being the greatest big man ever to pass because I agree with that and it adds another element to the discussion, but Jokic needed extra years under his belt that included the selection.

Like I said to Doncic, you can include Jokic in the upcoming Anniversary team, whenever possible.

Adams: Jokic is already in his seventh season so we can’t play the experience card here. He has already played more minutes of his career than Bill Walton, the player he is most often compared to. We also need to talk about post-season exploits. In his three post-season games, he’s led the Nuggets out of the first round three times and hasn’t had an objectively bad streak. As of now, he is the only player in NBA history – the only player – to average 25 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists per game.

With Doncic, I at least understand the “too early” argument even if I don’t agree with it. With Jokic, there is no single proof that he is only one of the 75 best players of all time.

This list without Jokic will look like a hater in a couple of years, over the top.

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