Six NFL teams have records of 5-1 or better out of Week 6, with that group likely expanding to seven in the seventh week after Monday night. With a third of the regular 2021 season over, who is the best in this group to make it to Super Bowl 56?

NFC is very heavy as expected. The Super Bowl 55 reigning Buccaneers (5-1) look good in the mix, but they have a lot of tough competition for the conference crown. Both the Cardinals (6-0) and Kames (5-1) are generally better early on, while both the Packers (5-1) and Cowboys (5-1) are riding a five-game winning streak.

In the AFC, two teams stood out from the rest, the Ravens (5-1) and Phils (4-1). With the Chiefs (3-3) staying last in West Asia, the top seed is on her way to changing hands and creating new favorites in the conference.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top NFL competitors by six games compared to their updated chances of winning the Super Bowl in DraftKings Sportsbook:

NFL Energy Ratings:
Raiders, Steelers rise again; Browns, Bears, Seahawks slip for seventh week

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1. Buffalo Bills (+450)

The Bills played like the most complete team in the NFL. They’ve added a respectable classic running game to a more dangerous scrolling game with Josh Allen wielding more weapons. Their defense has been dominant in the run and has few weaknesses in covering passes behind the rush of deeper inside and outside passes.

Everything about them are Super Bowl winners. They deserve the very positive odds against the field. After week 7 bye, they must sail to the monster termination record due to their easy schedule. There’s one more game they could lose any business in, and that’s in the NFC’s Buccaneers Week 14.

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2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+600)

The pirates stumbled in front of the rams. They looked a lot weaker overall given all the injuries to their defense. But they also have Tom Brady playing the best quarterback of his career and they’ve learned to play a more integrated attack as Leonard Fournette begins to dominate the running game.

Just like last year’s team, they are working to fight through some early challenges, only with a much better record and a sure path to victory in the NFC South. Like the Bills, they have a walk beyond escaping from the division, even hosting the Bills in Week 14 in what looks like a Super Bowl preview – much like their Week 12 home game vs The Chiefs in 2020.

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3. Dallas Cowboys (+1400)

The Cowboys’ only loss to the Buccaneers in a field goal was in the last second in the first week. They’ve won and covered every game since then, rolling through the Chargers, Eagles, Panthers, Giants and Patriots with a superior attack led by Dak Prescott again and a closing defense led by Trevon Diggs. The Mike McCarthy-Kellen Moore-Dan Quinn version is a stark contrast to the best teams under Jason Jarrett. Aggressive attack mode goes well with ruthless heroes. They have proven that they can defeat anyone in any way, even with the ability to overcome their own major mistakes.

After week seven, the Cowboys will be the strong candidates in every game, except for the Chiefs’ road trip in Week 11. He’ll likely come down to them and the Pirates for the first seed, as the first week of the race approaches. tie breaker. The Cowboys beat the Cardinals as they host them in Week 17 and were an overwhelming home team in Dallas.

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4. Arizona Cardinals (+1100)

The Cardinal has a perfect record but they have their share of faults with leading the running defense. Their crime can also go from highly explosive to vaguely limited. Kyler Murray plays at the MVP level to match Allen, Brady, and Prescott. JJ Watt launched his defense to play with his potential in the gaming industry.

Despite their start, their lead in the NFC West is the weakest, tied to their win over the Rams in Los Angeles in Week 4. The Cardinals host the Packers in Week 8, and the Seahawks may reclaim in Seattle with Russell Wilson again in Week 11, with a game set to Back to Week 18. The Rams play again at home in Week 14 before the Dallas trip in Week 17.

The Cardinals are in an unfamiliar position to hunt as a young team, so it will be interesting to see how they respond after fading from a runaway feud late last season.

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5. Green Bay Packers (+1200)

The Packers seem to be in great shape for a run with NFC North once again but they have a tough schedule ahead. It starts with back-to-back trips to Arizona and Kansas City in Weeks 8 and 9. Then they might see the Seahawks with Wilson at home in Week 10. Backward at weeks 15 and 16.

However, their attack plays very well with Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones in perfect harmony and the defense is doing its best to play the clutch despite injuries. They are bound to fall from 13-3, but could be even more dangerous with 11-6 winners. An enthusiastic and semi-possessed Rodgers is a frightening idea on the field when it comes to the potential to outsmart Brady, Prescott and Murray in the playoffs.

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6. Los Angeles Rams (+800)

Why are the rams so low? Yes, they live up to the hype for Sean McVeigh’s offense with Matthew Stafford. Yes, their defense still has a lot of influence on the players around Aaron Donald and Galen Ramsey.

But it’s hard to trust them to return to Los Angeles for Super Bowl 56 with an NFC field stacked. Stafford has to be the least confident of all the NFC quarterbacks. There was already some disappointment in the big game against the Cardinals. The return on this investment with such positive odds isn’t great either, as the Rams may need to do so as the best wild card on the road again.

Closing schedule after week 12 Tough Goodbye, with flights to Green Bay, Arizona, Minnesota and Baltimore. Don’t sleep in Seattle or San Francisco so you don’t bite them once either.

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7. Kansas City Chiefs (+700)

The bosses are still behind the chargers (4-2) in the department. Everyone expects them to finish the season ahead of L.A. in the standings at the end, but that’s not a given. Playing the Titans is tough again in Week 7, and the Packers, Cowboys, Chargers and Bengals still loom large in the schedule.

The biggest problem is that you’ve already lost to crows and bells. This means that the bosses, in addition to taking care of their own business, need a lot of help to break their way due to the inability to break the tie between multiple head-to-head games. Despite the No. 2 seed or lowest wild card level rising to fifth, the way away from Arrowhead Stadium doesn’t inspire confidence (for now) for a third consecutive Super Bowl trip.

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8. Baltimore Ravens (+1000)

The Ravens, since losing to the Raiders in overtime in Week 1 in a match they probably should have won, have done whatever it takes to win with Lamar Jackson offensively to win matches while their defense was reckless. Their resume isn’t bad, with solid victories over The Chiefs and Chargers.

However, they have yet to play any of their division matches in the tough AFC North, which will make up more than half of their remaining schedule with two games for the Bengals, Browns and Steelers starting in Week 7. Host the Packers and Rams out of the conference at home on Weeks 15 and 17.

Baltimore seems to be the best of the best to win North, but the Bengals are anything but a lagging game, and the Steelers and Browns have the potential to go up from the .500. Crows have more pitfalls that can prevent them from staying up to the bills.

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