AEW Rampage tonight was nothing short of a compelling one-hour episode of in-ring action. But on the flip side, the Friday Night Show has dropped significantly to pay any backlog for the story.

The company doesn’t seem to be making any noticeable changes that might prompt wrestling viewers to adjust their show after each week’s episode of SmackDown. Not only that, but AEW may not have capitalized on the momentum it generated in the winter coming this past Wednesday.

In the back of the regular Rampage episode, we’ll now discuss the pros and cons for a better analysis. Feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section below.

#3 BEST: Trent is back in the ring in his ways to beat AEW Rampage

In a surprising turn of events, Best Friends Super Click and Bobby Fish were defeated tonight in what turned out to be a fast-paced, hard-hitting event. Trent, who wrestled in his first match since April, emerged as the star of the night with his intimidating performance.

His return undoubtedly boosted Best Friends’ momentum. Furthermore, All Elite Wrestling appears to be standing strong behind the former WWE Superstar’s push. It will be interesting to see how the company uses it going forward.

But the rivalry between the two teams is still far from over. Adam Cole is very protected even though he has lost a few matches recently. The former NXT Champion will now clash with Orange Cassidy next week.

Speaking of which, Cole had already been teased about Kyle O’Reilly’s arrival. If the speculation turns out to be correct, the feud between the two rival teams will become even more attractive.

#2 Worst: Pointless clip pits Cody Rhodes on AEW Rampage

Cody Rhodes’ booking has been kind of weird lately. On the one hand, he’s teasing his turn, while his confrontation with heeled boots like Dan Lambert and Men of the Year contrasts with what AEW is trying to achieve here.

Although Lambert has clarified a few facts regarding giving Tony Khan chances to earn the EVP title, the wrestling manager’s personality has been stale since his last rivalry with the inner circle.

Beyond that, it was absurd to see Rhodes go out with a hostile reaction tonight to suffer a defeat only to be saved by his incoming opponent, Sami Guevara. The entire clip just looked shoddy.

The company could have booked a war of words between Cody and Guevara to make the noise before the TNT Championship match. The controversy seems dull until there is an inevitable stub role written for The American Nightmare.

#1 Best/Worst: Eddie Kingston Loses On AEW Rampage

Eddie Kingston is another star whose booking is in doubt these days. Mad King took his hand at Daniel Garcia’s hand during tonight’s 10-man tag team match.

The company is understood to be perpetuating the feud between Kingston and Garcia. But losing Eddie Kingston so much would diminish his credibility as an artist. The 40-year-old star lost the power he gained during a tough competition with CM Punk.

All things aside, the entire main event was a disappointment. The only positive takeaway came when Jurassic Express and Christian Cage finally appeared to save Babyfaces and the upcoming tease after the tag team titles.

The WWE Hall of Fame was impressed by Hawk’s debut. Check it out here.

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