AJ Green like never before.

A pass passed into the end zone from Kyler Murray bypassing Cardinals’ wide receiver’s helmet and into the hands of Packers defensive back Rasul Douglas. Apparently Green didn’t think he was the primary target in the play, because he was backing the ball.

That combination ended Arizona’s bid for an award-winning 99-yard touchdown drive in the last seconds and, by extension, a perfect season. Cards (7-1) from 24-21 losers came out to the (7-1) package in the Thursday Night Football thriller to open the eighth week.

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So, who exactly was at fault? The post-match game wasn’t to blame, but there were enough hints that Green wasn’t running the game properly.

Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury told reporters he got what he wanted out of the theatrical call except for Green, who didn’t walk a path. In fact, it looked as if Greene was blocking Douglas Downfield.

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“We didn’t turn the road and the guy (Douglas) made a good play,” Kingsbury said. “Like I said, it wasn’t a road, but we thought we checked it out. We should communicate better in these situations.”

Murray did not take direct responsibility for employee turnover.

“I honestly don’t know,” said Murray. “Misunderstanding, I couldn’t tell you. But, you know, we should be better.” “Obviously after the fact that we both knew we weren’t on the same page and it cost us. But we’d be better off because of it.”

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Green was the only Arizona manager who did not communicate after the game. It is not made available to the media.

Douglas saw exactly what was happening because his former classmates had failed to connect. The fifth-year professional was on the Arizona coaching staff for the first four weeks of the season. He signed with Green Bay on October 6 and made his first game for the team on Thursday.

“We’re in all-out attack. It’s me (and) AJ Green. I see Kyler Murray looking at AJ Green. What was it, about 15 seconds later? Something like that? I know they’re good on the field so far like, ‘Let’s try See if we can get seven and finish it.” So I have to put on a play.”

“It’s probably the first time I’ve won a game like this, so it was such a shocking feeling, like, ‘Oh, surprise, we just won this play. “I was kinda surprised.”

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