With Steve Curry taking over as the NBA’s 3-point captain on Tuesday, his rise to legendary status has been solidified. Base is the favorite to snatch the 2022 Player of the Year award, and his Golden State Warriors share the best record in the NBA.

Scott Bruno, a former scouting manager for the Warriors, reflected on his first impression of the three-time NBA champion on 95.7 The Game hosted by Steiny and Guru. He said he first met Steph Curry in an NCAA first-round match, when he led Davidson against Gonzaga in March 2008.

“The first time I saw him play, it was the aura around him,” Bruno said. “It was his sophomore year, it was an NCAA first-round match against Gonzaga. If you’ve been around for a long time, you know players like these have this aura about them when you go in. That’s what he had, and he didn’t disappoint in those two games.”

“The first time I saw him play, it was an NCAA first-round match against Gonzaga. Some players have that aura.” #the Warriors Scouting Director Scott Bruno reflects on his initial impression of Stephen Curry go.audacy.com/FO0AhtdT2lb https://t.co/wDSfubfM2p

Curry scored 40 points, including 30 in the second half when Davidson overcame an 11-point deficit to win his first NCAA Championship game since 1969. That performance, Curry’s 8 of 10 3-point shots, ran Davidson to the Elite Eight. They powerfully put the son of NBA player Del Curry in the national spotlight.

Bruno also discussed exploring Curry before the 2009 draft. Golden State picked Curry with the seventh overall pick in 2009. Bruno said he didn’t know Curry was destined for greatness, but he knew he was good.

“I’m not going to sit here and lie and say I thought he’d be as cool as him,” Bruno said. “But I knew he would be good, because his aura, his shooting ability, his competitiveness. When you work hard, make time in the gym and have talent, you always succeed.”

Steve Curry’s relationship and role with the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry cheers when Golden State plays the New York Knicks on December 14 in New York City.
Stephen Curry cheers when Golden State plays the New York Knicks on December 14 in New York City.

In the first season of Curry for the Warriors, he appeared in the most games and scored the most starts on the roster. His playmaking skills were evident as he led the team in every game.

He made his NBA playoff debut in the 2012-13 season under Mark Jackson. But the Warriors were knocked out in the Western Conference semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs. The following year, he was selected to play his first All-Star Game.

The franchise won three championships before Curry was drafted in 2009. The Philadelphia Warriors won the NBA title in 1947 and the NBA title in 1956. After spending 1962-71 as the San Francisco Warriors, the franchise earned its third title in 1975. Like the Golden State Warriors.

After that, they struggled with a 39-year drought, until Steve Kerr was appointed as coach in 2014. That season (2014-15), Curry scored 28.3 points per game in the playoffs to help the Warriors clinch their fourth title.

Five consecutive Finals, three NBA titles, two Player of the Year and not finished yet. Better than || Stephen Curry https://t.co/AUTVXzfnbI

Under his leadership, the Warriors went on to win their fifth and sixth titles in the 2016-2017 and 2017-18 seasons.

This season looks promising after two years of injury after Golden State missed the playoffs. And their star Steve Curry continues to make their way.

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