Chances are that if you know someone called Taysom, you are familiar with Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. His first name is very unique and was rarely heard before he started his football career at BYU.

But since that day nearly a decade ago, there’s been a spike in the baby name “Taysom.” It was previously ranked as 7,839 popular names in the United States. Now, it’s close to breaking into the top 1,000.

That’s thanks in large part to Hill. His performance as a powerful quarterback and weapon of all things for saints undoubtedly increased the name’s popularity, and he has been said to have the namesake on many children.

“It’s such an honor to have someone look at you in such a way that they would,” Hill said.

But where did the name come from first? And what does that mean? Here’s how the unique name for Tysum Hill came about.

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Where did Taysom Hill get his name from?

Tysom Hill’s mother, Natalie, said That there is no “wonderful story” behind the name Tessum. As I explain, I got it from the now-defunct Taysom Construction name that was local to their hometown of Pocatello, Idaho.

We’ve heard that a lot,” Hill said at “It was different and there was no one else named after him.”

Why was the name “Taysom” that company? Apparently, that was the last name of the company’s founders, but The Hills liked it enough to choose it as their son’s name.

The name fits with the Hills’ goal in choosing their son’s name, explained.

[Natalie] She and her husband, Doug, wanted an unfamiliar two-syllable name for their son because Hill is the short and common family name.

Taysom was definitely unique. In fact, the name was very uncommon until Hill stepped onto the scene at BYU. Then its popularity began to rise.

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How famous is the name Taysom?

The name Taysom currently ranks as the 1433th most common name, per This may sound low, but given that it ranked 7839 just nine years ago, the name has seen a sharp rise.

It is also notable how much Hill’s career has affected the name’s fame. He played sparingly in BYU in 2012 and then debuted in 2013. That’s when the name’s popularity took off. He dwindled a bit from 2016 through 2018, ending his college career at 16 and falling out of the spotlight.

The name caught on again in 2019 as it emerged as a versatile weapon for saints. His rise continued as he established himself as an NFL role player and battled James Winston to start a quarterback job for the Saints in the wake of Drew Bryce’s retirement.

general Popularity rank
2012 7839
2013 4112
2014 3,396
2015 2,870
2016 4233
2017 4248
2018 4,973
2019 3,757
2020 1,949
2021 1433

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What does the name Tessum mean?

according to MeaningOfTheName.comThe name Taysom means either “firebrand” or “a piece of burning wood”. She asserts that Taysom means “firebrand”, and that it derives from the English surname of “Tyson”.

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