Tiger Woods will return to golf after a year-long hiatus, mostly due to his severe car accident in February, at this weekend’s PNC Championship where he plays alongside his son Charlie.

Fans were shocked that Woods would return to golf so soon, but it appears that the father and son side encouraged him to come back and play.

“Although it has been a long and challenging year, I am very excited to close it by competing in the PNCchampionship with my son Charlie. I play as a father and I couldn’t be more excited and proud,” Woods said. In a Twitter statement.

This isn’t the first time the father and son duo have starred together; They also played in the 2020 PNC Championship, which was Charlie’s PGA debut. The 12-year-old started playing in some junior tournaments this year as well, which Dad Tiger Tiger sometimes attends.

Charlie will be joining Abby Tiger again this year, and their close relationship is expected to take center stage once again. We’ll probably be watching the future of golf.

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Golf Behaviors Tiger and Charlie Woods

A video was released in the week leading up to the 2021 PNC Championship that showed separate screens of Tiger and Charlie having similar behaviors while they played golf. This video was shown to the tiger, and his reaction was invaluable.

It’s as if Charlie has been watching his father play golf his whole life. Tiger was shocked at how similar their club swirls were, followed by picking up tees. Plus, the infamous Tiger fist pump seems to have been on the loose since Charlie recreated that celebration multiple times at last year’s championship. This definitely got the crowd excited.

One funny behavior is that both Woods are allergic, according to Tiger, so they both scratch their noses while playing.

Like last year, the duo should wear the same costumes again at this year’s PNC Championship. Last year, the pair wore purple polo shirts on Saturday, then of course wore red on Sunday in honor of Tiger’s traditional red Sunday outfit.

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Tiger & Charlie Woods 2020 PNC Championship Results

In the 2020 PNC Championship, Tiger and Charlie ended up in seventh place after shooting together -20. Justin Thomas and his father, Mike, won the championship at -25.

Tiger seemed to really enjoy playing with his son, as he was seen smiling throughout the tournament.

“I don’t think words can describe it,” Tiger said, Via CBS Sports. “The fact that we were able to have this experience together – it’s memories that last a lifetime.”

Charlie impressed viewers in his PGA debut as well. During the first round, Charlie shot an eagle with his shots on the third hole. His second bullet hit the trees, too. This spotlight elicited some praise on Twitter, Including from LeBron James. Charlie also made quite a few sparrows throughout the tournament, showing that he can hit just like his dad.

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Charlie Woods golf stats

Woods currently plays on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, the largest junior golf tour at the moment. Woods’ rating is restricted to 135 in the 11- to 13-year-olds category. His HJGT profile shows that his average score is 83. This means that his disability is around 10, although Woods currently does not have an official disability.

Woods’ profile shows that he has participated in five HJGT events this year. His lowest score was +19 in the June South Florida summer staging. Other than that, Woods tends to shoot between +20 and +30.

Back in August 2020, Woods actually won the U.S. Kids Punishment event at Hammock Creek Golf Club by five strokes. He finished -3 and was the only designer below par. These are his best known endings.

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