Tampa Tom Brady is the best Tom Brady. GOAT lets his character roam free in South Florida, which means fans are dealing with things like him preying on defensive players for their lack of intelligence.

Brady made a crack at the players on the other side of the ball during his spot on Peyton and ESPN2’s massive ESPN2 from the Saints-Seahawks “Monday Night Football.” He spoke in a video of Saints quarterback Jameis Winston flicking the Seahawks defender off the feet despite Winston crossing the line.

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Brady was tough as he dropped his diss.

“And defense, would you give them any credit for being smart enough to know that, jump? Now, I wouldn’t believe it,” he said, “Have you ever been in some of these defensive boardrooms? I mean, I wonder why they play in defense and (then) after About two minutes you go, ‘Yeah, they can never be offensive players.

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“Defending is kind of like a dog chasing a car – you just have to get the guy with the ball.”

Brady then tried to buy back some goodwill with his teammates, “We obviously have a lot of great defensive players.”

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ESPN analyst Teddy Bruschi, a former quarterback and Brady’s teammate during the early years of the Patriots dynasty, has been watching.

Brady still flaunts defenses 21 years after entering the NFL. He’s coming off a touchdown quad performance in the Bucs’ 38-3 defeat of the Bears on Sunday. One of those TD passes was his 600th career pass. Brady continues to expand his record for the lottery at the age of 44.

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