A shocking reaction video from the popular Path of Exile Quin hit Twitch recently, showing off some of the beef owned by an interesting TV star. Courtney Laprese, one of the MasterChef winners, roasted Quin for his complaints about his profession.

“You’re complaining about it, how hard is it?” Oh, poor thing, it’s so hard to play video games all day. “

Quinn watched the video live and laughed all the time with his fans. Apparently, Kourtney was on the chat feed while Quinn was watching her video, reading the comments to see if anyone agreed with her.

MasterChef star Courteney Lapresi calls out Quin69 in a short personal video

There are difficulties with being streamed on Twitch and other platforms as most major creators agree, but Quin69’s complaints about the job caught the attention of the MasterChef star; It is enough for her to make an entire video directed towards him. Quin hasn’t reached the glory of one million followers on Twitch yet, which makes this a very interesting call from someone who doesn’t get into video games much.

Kourtney started her video by calling up the Quinn Games tag, raising her eyebrows, and saying hello in a slightly sarcastic tone. Immediately, the tape burst into laughter and was surprised.


Quin was completely surprised by the dirty video, because he couldn’t believe what was happening. Despite the nature of the video, he doesn’t seem to take any offense at Kourtney’s comments and ignore them by falling out of his chair in laughter.

As the target of awkward and shady behavior during his hey days, some commentators have said Kourtney pulled a move and deserves to be commended for the call.

Lord save her @Maximum quin69 idiot. The Endwalker launch is great so far. Sure, the queues are long and the error is annoying. But at least they respect and care for their own player base. Because of problems, we will receive 7 days for free. who did that?

“That’s amazing, but it would be 11/10 if you called him a clown at some point.”

Courtney Lapresi’s roasting video is attracting attention from all over the gaming community. It might make some valid points, but it doesn’t seem to bother Quin69 at all.

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