AJ Green spoiled the Cardinals’ chance to extend their undefeated season.

The Cardinals’ wide receiver was caught looking around the ball in the end zone as Rasool Douglas picked up a pass from Kyler Murray with 14 seconds left. A last-second interception Thursday night cemented Arizona’s 24-21 loss to Green Bay, the team’s first loss of the season.

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The green was the intended target, but the wide receiver turned in the wrong direction and did not catch the ball until it was too late. Green Bay’s winning game selection went viral almost immediately and people found several ways to joke at the Cardinals player’s expense.

Aside from tasking the Cardinals with their eighth win of the season in Thursday night’s game with the Packers, Green made five finishes on six goals for 50 yards. DeAndre Hopkins led the Cardinals with 66 yards in two receptions. The Cardinal relied heavily on the running game as linebackers Chase Edmonds and James Connor helped put points on the board. Edmunds had seven stands for 30 yards and a touchdown while Connor carried the ball for 22 yards and two touchdowns.

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Despite relying on the back field to move the chains, Murray completed 22 of 33 passes for 274 yards. He threw two objections, including a game-ending device for Douglas.

The Cardinal will be looking to return to the winning column as they are scheduled to face the 49ers in their Week 9 game on Sunday, November 7.

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