Urban Meyer was launched by Jaguars in the early hours of Thursday. He signed a five-year contract with them last January, but his turbulent spell lasted only 13 games. It was marred by many scandals and scored 2-11.

The latest scandal was former Jaguar player Josh Lambeau who allegedly kicked Mayer while training in pre-season.

Mayer on Friday denied Lambeau’s accusations Published Wednesday by the Tampa Bay Times, Beside Last week’s report by NFL Media Anne Mayer and wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. got into a screaming match and Jones came out of the team’s elbow.

“It was like, wait a minute, where is this coming from?” Meyer told Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network in an interview. “I definitely made some mistakes but these weren’t right.”

Even if those stories weren’t accurate, Meyer was already skating on thin ice. In October, a video went viral of him dancing in a bar/restaurant with a woman who is not his wife. Hours after Lambo told his story, Jaguar owner Shad Khan announced that he moved from Meyer, although the team Speaking to The Associated Press on Friday, That Khan made his decision after losing closing on Sunday to the Titans.

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Meyer is not happy with the way his short time in Jacksonville ended. How exactly did it go well? As Mayer said, the loss was one of the biggest factors.

“I tell people, loss eats your soul,” Meyer said. “Once you start losing, it’s hard for everyone.”

The loss proved particularly difficult for Meyer. He scored 11 defeats in Jacksonville after losing just nine games in seven years at Ohio State. He hasn’t handled it well, and it appears to be hurting his relationship with his players, which reports say was strained from the start.

But Mayer still thinks the team will turn it around.

“I thought at one point, when we won two out of three, there was some momentum, big energy, and defense was playing really well,” Mayer said, referring to wins over Dolphin and Bills in Weeks 6 and 9. We ran the ball and then when that dried up, we started turning the ball around. We had a farewell week and then James Robinson was injured.”

Robinson’s use was one of the biggest storylines in the week leading up to Mayer’s dismissal. The retreat said he was confused by Mayer’s decision to put him in the match in the Jaguar’s final campaign against the Rams in Week 13 when Jacksonville was down 30 points. Robinson had an injury and was put off the bench earlier in the game due to a stumble.

“I’m not sure what the point of that is,” Robinson said after the match.

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Meyer is back off the bench Robinson in Week 14 after a confusion. Robinson did not return to the game until quarterback Trevor Lawrence pressed for his return.

Mayer defended his decision to Rapoport, but also conceded that keeping Robinson away so long he did may have been a mistake.

“We discussed that as an employee,” Meyer said. “When you see someone lose the ball or even see them loose with the ball, take them out of the game, make up your mind and put them back in. When I fumbled, I said, ‘Get him out.’ We took him out and then we had a lack of communication about when to bring him back.”

Benching Robinson wasn’t the only move Mayer was checked for after Week 14. Mayer appeared less enthusiastic during the handshake of Titans coach Mike Frabel. This led many to question his relationship with his former assistant in Ohio after Mayer reportedly called his Jaguar aides “losers” during a staff meeting (Mayer denied this report in his Rapoport interview).

Mayer denied there was any tension between him and Frabel and said they were “really close” thanks to the time they spent together in Ohio.

“That has nothing to do with it,” Meyer said of the handshake. “It was probably one of my problems that made me think about some of the things I said: I can’t stand the loss. I’m trying to accept that, it just eats my soul. And I think our players deserve better.”

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Mayer also believes that the city of Jacksonville – and Jaguar enthusiasts – deserve better. He issued an apology in his interview with Rapoport and said he was “sad” that he could not achieve his goals.

“I’m just apologizing to Jacksonville,” Meyer said. “I love Jacksonville. It’s one of the reasons I took the job. I still think Chad Malik is great. It’s heartbreaking. I just dreamed of becoming a destination with a new facility he agreed to build and one day walking into that stadium where there is a parking room Only. Because I know how badly the people of Jacksonville want it. So, I feel very sad that we weren’t able to do it.”

Mayer said he remains optimistic about the future of Jaguar even though he is no longer a part of it.

“I still think it will be done,” he said. “It’s a very good place.”

As for his future, Meyer is still deciding what he wants to do next.

“To be determined,” he said.

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