Urban Meyer was appointed in January of this year as head coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars after training in college for 17 years. However, his tenure in Jacksonville did not last for a full year as owner Chad Khan fired Meyer after 13 matches.

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After the termination, Mayer spoke about his time with Jaguar in a phone interview:

“I just apologize to Jacksonville. I love Jacksonville. It’s one of the reasons I took the job. I still think Chad Malik is great. It’s heartbreaking. I just dreamed of becoming a destination with a new facility he agreed to build and one day step into this stadium where There is only a parking room.”

Mayer continued by talking about his passion and desire for the team to be successful:

“Because I know how badly the people of Jacksonville would want it. So, I feel so sad that we weren’t able to do it. I still think it would be done. It’s a very good place.”

The former Jaguar coach scored 187-32 in college, including three National Championships: two with the Florida Gators and one with the Ohio State Bucks.

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The most losses as a coach came in 2010 when the Gators went 8-5. At Ohio, Mayer went 83-9 in his seven years. In his 13 games, he went 2-11, including two loss sets in five games.

He’s been honest that losing matches have been hard to handle and that’s a challenge he says he’s still working on, noting:

“I tell people, losing eats your soul. Once you start losing, it’s hard for everyone.”

The loss was a major issue for Jaguar, and they currently sit third in South Asia. They held last place in the division for three consecutive years after winning the division in 2017.

Urban Meyer and What Went Wrong in Jacksonville

Former Jacksonville Jaguars HC Urban Mayer
Former Jacksonville Jaguars HC Urban Mayer

There have been reports of dysfunction within the Jaguars locker room, including captain Marvin Jones leaving the facility due to Mayer’s open and closed refusal regarding James Robinson’s running back benches. Meyer also told his assistant coaches that they were losers as they challenged the defense of their training runs.

There was another report from Tampa Bay Times Citing former Jaguar player Josh Lambeau, who claims Mayer kicked him while Lambeau stretched during a pre-season workout.

Just a few “thoughts” about launching Urban Meyer. Oh boy I wish the coach had tried to kick me… Oh my God Hammersea! @take first https://t.co/zr4poS22GD

Mayer said the incident with Jones was not accurately filmed and that the Lambeau incident did not occur. Either way, Mayer is no longer the head coach of the NFL as he and Jaguar try to overturn the chapter.

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