The Brooklyn Nets have alternated wins and losses in each of their last six games in 2021-22 NBA season Without Keri Irving. Kevin Durant went on the record to say the nets needed and would need Irving, which only underlined the magnitude of the All-Star goalkeeper’s absence. However, there is no information yet on whether the team will bring him back to play this season.

Joe Tsai, owner of Brooklyn Nets, recently gave an interview to ESPN’s Om Youngmisuk regarding his stance on Kyrie Irving. Tsai reiterated his position that they would not accept Irving as a part-time player Based on this report.

Here is how Zhou Tsai emphasized his point of view regarding Keri Irving’s marginalization:

“Obviously Kyrie Irving has his own faith so I respect him. But we have to make a team decision. That’s not about it. That’s not a decision about where we go as a team. And it’s not okay for us to just have a team with a player going in and out, no games on home, only away matches. What do you actually do next?”

He added that the decision was essentially unanimous among the people involved who had to come to a resolution of Keri Irving’s situation.

“This week we have a full set of six home games, so we won’t have Kerry. So it became clear to us. We are very allied between me, [GM] Shun [Marks], coaching staff that this should be [the decision]Especially since we are a team with very noble aspirations. We don’t see any other way to run this team.”

I spoke with Nets owner Joe Tsai today about Kyrie Irving among many things. “I hope Kyrie can be a part of the team, and be a part of Brooklyn for the long term. But… I think we have an immediate question if he can play this season. And I hope he gets vaccinated ASAP.”

Unless New York City changes its state of health and safety protocols, which doesn’t seem to be the case anytime soon, the Brooklyn Nets will have to continue fighting the season without a talented point guard.

Based on Jo Tsai’s words, will the Brooklyn Nets eventually trade Keri Irving?

The Brooklyn Nets have missed out on Kyrie Irving's phenomenal talent this season.
The Brooklyn Nets have missed out on Kyrie Irving’s phenomenal talent this season.

The owner of the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t outright said they would trade the former Duke University star, but Tsai’s words are quite expressive. Brooklyn’s “noble aspirations” will not be realized if Irving continues to sit still while he gets paid. It wouldn’t be a surprise then if the team sucked up and got something out of the trade.

However, Tsai dances with his words when it comes to Kyrie Irving. He’s previously stated that he still sees the 29-year-old as part of the future, but the latter hasn’t been given a supposedly guaranteed extension.

The fact that his options are so limited with Irving sitting outside may force him to pull the trigger and maximize his potential championship window with Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Only time will tell how the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving drama unfolds.

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