Every season has at least one week of hell for a particular position. Looks like this is the week for running debut. Nagy Harris, Dalvin Cook, Austin Eckler, Ezequiel Elliott, James Robinson and Zach Moss, leaving many gaps in the lineups for many fantasy football owners. It’s time to dig deep into this important site, and our Week 7 RB PPR rankings can help you find viable alternatives.

As last week approached, the Bucs, Jets, Bengals and Cowboys were giving up more than seven receptions per game for the RBs. Is this a product of matches (ie playing teams with the best running back) or is this a product of poor pass defense against running back? It’s always hard to say – and in the case of Bucs, it may have more to do with litter time production than anything else – but there is still something to note for PPR purposes. Seahawks, Dolphins, Packers, and Falcons each averaged more than six RB receptions allowed per game.

Standard Rankings for Week Seven:
Quarterback | running backwards | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

This week, Bears (@pirates), Patriots (against Airplanes), Ravens (vs. Bengals), Saints (@seahawks), Falcons (against dolphins), Washington (@packers), and dolphins (@falcons) are up against those defenses. , so BDL like Damian Williams, Ramondry Stevenson, Cordaryl Patterson, Mike Davis, JD McKissic and Miles Gaskin have more PPR value than usual.

Week 7 PPR Rankings:
Quarterback | wide future | narrow end | D/ST | kicker

Of course, an extra reception or two isn’t enough to make turning back the best play. Fast yards and touchdowns still matter, and players like Damian Harris (versus the Gates), Miles Sanders (@Raiders), and James Conner/Chase Edmonds (versus Texas), who are traditionally a sitting start, look like they should start this week. Edmonds always have more PPR appeal while the other three are generally somewhat lower rated in point-per-receive formats. However, with so many linebackers either saying goodbye or getting injured this week, the beggars can’t pick them.

Likewise, RBs are big on tough encounters, such as Devontae Booker (vs. Panthers), Elijah Mitchell (vs. Colts), Mark Ingram (@Cardinals), Michael Carter (@patriots), and Melvin Gordon/Javonte Williams (@Browns). ), all are hard to sit down, even in PPR. Ingram has the lowest value, but it’s always a candidate for 15+ touches and a short TD. This is something worth something, although this could be the week when the RB floor with four grabs is higher. Also of note are JaMycal Hasty (Ankle) and Jeff Wilson Jr. (Knee) are eligible to come back this week, so they can eat at Mitchell’s value (and have some of them).

In the end, there are no easy answers here, and fewer sleepers are worthwhile in PPR formats. This is one of those weeks where you do your best and take what you can get. If things are really tough, consider making a deal, but if you can handle a potentially low RB week, go ahead and hope for a TD or a bunch of short catches.

Noticeable: We’ll be updating these RB PPR rankings throughout the week, so check back for analysis and the latest player action.

Fantasy RB PPR Week 7 Ranking: Who Starts Running Back

Ranking based on full point PPR Scoring

  • 26 Melvin Gordon, DEN @ CLE
    27 MXN, WAS @ GB
    28 James Conner, ARI vs. HOU
    29 Mark Ingram, HOU@IND
    30 Ernest Johnson, Klee vs. den
    31 Javonte Williams, DEN @ CLE
    32 Samaji Beren, CIN @BAL
    33 Rhamondre Stevenson, NE vs. New York
    34 Latavius โ€‹โ€‹Murray, BAL vs. CI
    35 AJ Dillon, GB vs. WAS
    36 Sonny Michel, LAR vs. The
    37 Nyheim Hines, IND @ SF
    38 Khalil Herbert, CHI @ TB
    39 Malcolm Brown, MIA vs. ATL
    40 Levon Bell, Pal vs. Sen
    41 Defonta Freeman, BAL vs. CI
    42 Kenneth Jenwell, PHI @LV
    43 Tevin Coleman, NYJ @NE
    44 David Johnson, HOU @ ARI
    45 Young Bernard, TB vs. Who is the
    46 Kenyan Drake, LV vs. PHI
    47 JaMycal Hasty, S.F. vs. IND
    48 Salvon Ahmed, MIA vs ATL
    49 Jeremy McNichols, Teen vs. KC
    50 Rashad Bini, SEA Vs. No
    51 Gerek McKinnon, KC @TEN
    52 Ronald Jones II, TB vs. Chi
    53 Ty Johnson, NYJ @NE
    54 Brandon Bolden, NE vs. New York
    55 Philip Lindsey, HOU @ ARI
    56 Trey Sermon, S.F. vs. IND

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