After the events of GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti continued to hold the position of authority.

GTA Vice City happened in 1986. The last time players heard about Tommy Vercetti was in 2002. This is thanks to an indirect comment from Kent Paul, who had his website.

Regardless, he was still alive and well after years of GTA Vice City. The heroes of the game appeared in other games of the series. However, Tommy disappeared in the years since his game was released. Unlike Johnny Klebitz in GTA 5, Tommy Vercetti did well for himself after Vice City.

GTA Vice City: What happened to Tommy Vercetti?

Tommy Vercetti is the most powerful criminal by the end of GTA Vice City. He owns several properties, all of them profitable. Tommy has no enemies to worry about in 1986. Players may ask what happened next. It turns out that he arrived in 1992. Anything that has passed is unknown.

Still around GTA San Andreas

Tommy is still in power by 1992, which is when GTA San Andreas takes place. It was referenced directly during the intro movie.

While he did not appear physically, his former partners did. Ken Rosenberg is a leading figure in the Las Venturas arc. The same can be said of Kent Paul. Last but not least, Jethro and Dwaine have also made some appearances.

Tommy indirectly caused the events in Las Venturas. It’s why Ken Rosenberg is there.

Tommy disconnected from Beijing Rosenberg

The introduction to GTA San Andreas presents the events that precede the game. Rosenberg was once Tommy’s closest partner. He was a slimy lawyer who always got his client out of jail. However, his addiction to drugs was too much. Tommy sent him to rehab in Las Venturas.

Rosenberg finally got the treatment he needed. Unfortunately for him, Tommy cut all ties with him. Rosenberg was left stranded in Las Venturas.

The ex-lawyer is forced to act as a mediator between feuding mafia families. In the end, CJ gets him out of trouble. At one point, Rosenberg referred to the events of GTA Vice City. Humorously, CJ has no idea what he’s talking about.

Financial disputes prevented further engraving

Ray Liotta was the first and last time that Rockstar hired a celebrity to voice the protagonist. After GTA Vice City, the actor was not happy with his payment. Liotta thinks he put in more effort than he was paid.

As a result, Tommy Vercetti was mentioned only in GTA San Andreas. This is unlike Claude from GTA 3, which appears.

Kent Paul’s website confirms that Tommy is alive in 2002

There was a website known as the ’80s Nostalgia District in Kent Paul! GTA Vice City was supposed to be promoted. However, it was closed in 2020 after the end of Adobe Flash Player.

Kent Paul made a list of various social problems. He says the following in an attempt to cover himself up:

“Look, Tom, I didn’t mention your name, anywhere. You probably won’t kill us now, okay?”

Tommy Vercetti is still alive after GTA 3.

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