Taysom Hill makes his first official quarterback start for the 2021 season Thursday night against the Cowboys.

Hill is a versatile Saints player, sometimes playing as a wide receiver, running back or with a narrow end. He is known to be a quarterback player. This season, Hill lost the quarterback contest to James Winston. However, Winston has been out since week nine with an ACL injury at the end of the season. Trevor Simian has taken charge since then, but has yet to win a match.

Hill played the quarterback on BYU and was known for his speed. But, how fast is Hill?

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What is the velocity of Tsum Hill?

In 2017, Hill went without a draft from BYU, but participated in BYU Pro Day. During that day he clocked his famous 40-yard dash time of 4.46 seconds. According to the relative score of the athlete, this correlates with a 9.97 out of 10.0 rating. The 20-yard dash time was clocked at 2.55 seconds, which is 9.98 out of a 10.0 rating. Finally, the 10-yard dash time was 1.61 seconds, resulting in a 9.21 out of a rating of 10.0.

Based on his performance, the Packers signed him to their coaching staff. Green Bay eventually brought down Hill before the regular season began. This is when the saints carried it.

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What is the fastest recorded time for Taysom Hill?

Since he was with the Saints, Hill continued to show how fast he was. During Saints’ Thanksgiving 2019 game, Hill got up to speed 20.17 mph, which is still his fastest pace in the NFL to date. At the time, it was the sixth fastest playing quarterback that year.

In 2020, Hill started as the Saints quarterback in four games while Drew Brees dealt with a rib injury. He accelerated his career high 83 yards that season. His performances in 2020 helped him transition into running, wide receiver and tight final position during the 2021 season. He has proven that he can carry the ball fast and long.

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Who are the fastest quarterbacks in the NFL?

Often, a midfielder’s speed is determined by a dash time of 40 metres. Prior to the 2021 season, Justin Fields now clocked a Bears quarterback with a dash time of 4.44 seconds, close to Hill’s time from 2017.

Two of the fastest quarterbacks in the league right now, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray, both didn’t make the 40-meter dash.

Madden ’21 sparked controversy over the fastest quarterbacks last year, after they announced their top five ranked quarterbacks. Jackson and Murray finished first and second, respectively, with Hill trailing in third. Marcus Mariota and Tyrod Taylor finished the list, both of whom did not start in the NFL this season.

On the Madden 22 list, Fields beat Hill for third.

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Was Taysom Hill fast in college?

Hill played in BYU football from 2012-2016. Hill continues to hold the record for most dash yards by a quarterback, and ranks fifth all-time for dash yards with 2,815. Of his 33 games, nine of those games resulted in a 100-yard rush by Hill.

While he was a potential for the NFL, NFL.com commented that Hill has “good pace.” BYU wasn’t excited by this statement, especially as Hill went on to prove he was fast on the quarterback. This is a video they posted showing the most important running events.

Taysom Hill High School Football and Tracking Career

Hill attended Highland High School in Idaho. He brought his school his first state championship since 2002 when he started as a quarterback in 2008. He was named All-Idaho Player of the Year because of this.

During his high school career, Hill rushed for 1,491 yards and 24 touchdowns. He averaged 10.2 yards per carry and 124.3 rushing yards per game.

Believe it or not, Hill’s speed owes a lot to his high school career. His main events consisted of the 200-meter sprint and the long jump. His personal best time came from his sophomore regional meet at Idaho, where he clocked 22.5 seconds in the 200 meters. He also ran in the fourth stage of the 4 x 200-meter relay, whose team won first place in 1:31:41.

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