If you felt that three days of NFL football a week wasn’t enough, you’re going to absolutely love Week 15 of the 2021 NFL season.

With the farewell weeks ending and the 16-game roster back again, the NFL begins its annual football matches late in the year. The league no longer has to compete with the regular season of college football, so it will take this opportunity to broadcast two strong games to a wider audience and ease the burden on Sunday’s roster.

There is only one game on Saturday following a wave of NFL postponements due to COVID-19, but it does have two AFC teams vying for the playoff spot.

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The Patriots (9-4) will head to Indianapolis to meet the Colts (7-6). The Patriots finished Week 14 as the top seed in the AFC, but they will need to keep up with the Chiefs along the stretch to maintain that. As for Indy, they need to win as they look to emerge as one of the top Wild Card contenders, or a potential challenger to the Titans for the South Asian title. Brown vs. Raiders, originally scheduled to start on Saturday afternoon, will be played on Monday instead.

Here’s what you need to know about Saturday’s NFL Week 15 game, including the full schedule, TV channels, and more for Week 15 fights.

What are the NFL games today?

Below is the full schedule for the NFL Saturday slate in Week 15.

Game time TV channel
Patriots in ponies 8:15 PM ET NFL Network, fuboTV

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What time is Saturday’s NFL game?

Here’s how to watch every Saturday game in the NFL in Week 15.

patriots vs ponies

  • Starting8:15 PM ET
  • TV channel (national): NFL Network
  • Live broadcast: fuboTV

The Patriots will attempt to claim their 10th win in Week 15 as they try to separate themselves from the group in the AFC and take a bigger lead in the AFC race bills. They travel to Indianapolis to face the Colts, who will test the Patriots’ below-average defense with Jonathan Taylor, the NFL’s leading racer.

Colts (7-6) are fighting for a buffer zone so their running game and defense will be ready to play in this game. Their ability to win depends on how much they can get out of Carson Wentz in a tough match. Both teams are coming in weeks later so they can be fresh and comfortable.

Kevin Burckhardt and Greg Olsen will act as theatrical announcer and color commentator in this game. Pam Oliver and Christina Pink will also be on the broadcast, and each will be a side reporter.

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NFL Live Streaming Saturday NFL Games

Viewers will be able to watch all of Saturday’s football for free with a cable subscription using either the NFL app or Yahoo! Mathematical application. You must enter your cable/satellite subscription credentials to access it.

Meanwhile, wire cutters will have plenty of options for watching each game. They are as follows.

Running option Cable subscription required? free? cost Free trial?
NFL app number Yes
Hey ho! sports app number Yes
DirecTV Stream number number $69.99/month number
fuboTV number number 60 dollars / month Yes
Hulu Plus Live TV number number 55 dollars / month Yes
sling tv number number $35 / month number
YouTube TV number number 65 dollars / month Yes

NFL schedule week 15

Thursday 16 December

Game time National TV
Chiefs 34, Chargers 28 (OT) 8:20 pm Fox

Saturday 18 December

Game time National TV
patriots vs ponies 8:15 pm NFL network

Sunday 19 December

Game time National TV
Cheetahs vs. Bills 1 pm Fox
Cardinals vs Lions 1 pm Fox
Texas vs. Jaguar 1 pm CBS
Airplanes vs dolphins 1 pm CBS
Cowboys vs. giants 1 pm Fox
Titans vs Steelers 1 pm CBS
Bengals vs Broncos 4:05 pm CBS
Hawks vs 49ers 4:05 pm CBS
Packets vs. crows 4:25 pm Fox
Saints vs. pirates 8:20 pm NBC

Monday 20 December

Game time National TV
Raiders vs Brown 5 pm NFL network
Vikings vs bears 8:15 pm ESPN

Tuesday December 21

Game time National TV
Seahawks vs. Rams 7 pm Fox
Washington FC vs the Eagles 7 pm Fox

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