Baker Mayfield is going through a lot of pain this season.

The Browns Baker Mayfield quarterback only missed one game in 2021, but his bruised, battered and fractured left shoulder has been a topic of conversation all season.

While Mayfield has not sidelined himself – nor has Brown sidelined him – injury will keep him out for a fairly long period this off season, although he should be ready to start 2022.

Here’s what you need to know about Mayfield’s countless injuries:

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Baker Mayfield injury update

While Mayfield has only missed one game this year through injury, he has struggled with a pair of separate injuries to his shoulder that have been a topic of conversation for nearly the entire season.

First, and in particular, Mayfield deals with a completely torn lip in his left shoulder (without throwing). While his swollen shoulder has kept him out of the game for just one match, he is expected to undergo off-season surgery. This may require 4 to 6 months of recovery time.

Mayfield suffered a torn labrum in Week 2 when he attempted a tackle on a comeback interception against the Texans. He did more shoulder damage at week 6, when he was awkwardly dropped on a tape bag from JJ Watt.

Mayfield suffered a broken humerus over the sacrum, while his shoulder once again came out of his socket in the same game, the third such dislocation of the season.

The fracture is what kept him on the sidelines for Brown’s match against the Broncos in week seven, as the quarterback deals with a lack of strength in that shoulder. Mayfield vowed to play against Denver, but after a second opinion, he was forced to sit down.

“I just know how my body feels,” Mayfield said before the match. “If anyone wonders if I’m holding the team down and going out injured, it’s not right. It’s my decision. I can say whether or not I’m able to play, and that’s exactly the case.”

Apparently, the shoulder healed so well that he was allowed to play in Week 8 against the Steelers – and thereafter. As long as your shoulder fracture isn’t worsening, you don’t have to worry about surgery to repair the injured bone either.

The shoulder wasn’t the only thing Mayfield was dealing with in 2021: In Week 10, Mayfield was forced out of Brown’s match with the Patriots with a knee bruise. However, the injury did not prevent him from being out, as he was active and played in Week 12 without a problem.

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